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Percy is a character in The Minish Cap.[2]


Percy is a poet who first appears at the Picori Festival,[3] and can later be found in a Tree in Trilby Highlands. While he was away from his House in the Western Wood, the way was blocked by a fallen Tree,[4] and he lost a red Kinstone Piece at the Happy Hearth Inn.[5] When Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with him,[6] the fallen Tree will rise, allowing access to Percy's House.

If Link goes to Percy's House in the Western Wood, he will find Percy distraught outside, as the Monster Lady has taken up residence while he was away.[7] Once Link obtains the Flame Lantern from the Temple of Droplets, he can light the two Torches in Percy's House, revealing the Monster Lady to be a Bow Moblin. After this, Percy is able to return to his House,[8] thanking Link and giving him 100 Mysterious Shells.[9]

Percy is the author of It Could Be Verse!, found at the Royal Hyrule Library.[10]


The name Percy is an English surname, but it can also be a nickname for "Percival."[11]

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