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Yokan is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] He is a man who Zelda encounters several times on her adventure in Gamelon.


Yokan is a fisherman who had went fishing at the coast of Ahitaru. For unknown reasons, he became trapped in the head of a giant fish skeleton, whose socket was blocked by a boulder.[2] Zelda is informed of him by the Water Lady, and she leaves to rescue the fisherman by blowing up the boulder with either Bombs or the Power Glove. Yokan thanks her for saving him, and decides to quit fishing. He tells her to come see him in Sakado.[3] As he leaves, he drops a Key that opens Sakado's smithy.

There, Zelda finds that he got a new job as the town blacksmith. He offers to temper her Sword if she brings him a Heat Crystal.[4] After Zelda brings him one, he tempers her Power Sword into a much stronger form, and demonstrates its new strength by firing a blast of energy with it.


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