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The Future World is the final Dungeon in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]

Entrance to the Future World

The Future World is what remains of Hyrule Castle after Ganon stole the Golden Lute and used its power to conquer Hyrule. As a result, the Future World cannot be visited until Octavo has been defeated in Hyrule Castle. Upon losing control of the Golden Lute, Octavo travels to the Future World to stop Ganon, only to fail. The Portal that Octavo used to travel the Future World can be found at the end of Hyrule Castle. Once this Portal has been entered, a second Portal to the Future World will appear outside Hyrule Castle.

A Sheikah Stone and a Shop operated by a Fate can be found at the entrance, the latter of which sells Health and Stamina Potions. This Sheikah Stone cannot be Warped to with the Lute.

Themes and Navigation

An evil Great Fairy can be found inside the Future World. She will sell an Obsidian or Titanium for 8 Diamonds and an Emerald or a Ruby for 5 Diamonds. When spoken to, she states that Ganon has sealed her powers so she cannot heal anyone.[2] She offers a Health Potion in the room behind her instead.[3] However, the room locks upon entry and several monsters spawn instead. When confronted about the ambush, she laughs it off and muses about Ganon doing the adventurers in instead.[4] The inside of the dungeon more greatly resembles those of Cadence's homeworld, as the stairs to the next floor must be unlocked by defeating a mini-boss and it is impossible for the heroes to go back to the previous floors.

Treasure Chests containing Purple Rupees and Orange Rupees can be found in the Future World.

Minor Enemies


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