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Zora River Target Practice,[1] also known as Stage 4-1,[2] is a Stage in Link's Crossbow Training. It is the first Stage of Level 4.

Features and Overview

Zora River Target Practice takes place in the Zora's River below Zora's Domain. During Zora River Target Practice, Targets will fall down the many waterfalls and move along the paths behind them.[3] The Stage starts at the entrance to Zora River looking up at the waterfalls leading to Zora's Domain. A Sign stands at the entrance to the Zora's River, which Link can shoot. The camera will then move to the biggest waterfall, with Jars on either side of the walls for Link to shoot for points. Once the camera reaches the waterfall, four of the Jars, two on either side of the waterfall, will be out of reach of Link's Crossbow. Only two Jars will be in reach once the camera stops. A Scarecrow can be seen standing on a platform to the right of the waterfall for Link to shoot. After the camera stops moving towards the waterfall, a horn will sound which starts the fall of Targets down the waterfall. The first Target falls down the middle of the waterfall, followed by one Target on the left, and two Targets on the right. Then, a Target falls down the left side, while a fast-moving Target falls down the middle. Another fast-moving Target falls down the right side, followed by a fast-moving Target to the left of two slow-moving Targets. Another Target falls down the left side of the waterfall, and then a short break of no falling Targets occurs. Afterward, a Target falls down the middle of the waterfall with two X-marked Targets underneath and above it. After the X-marked Targets pass, two Targets will fall on the left and right side of the waterfall. One is a normal red Target, while the other is a gold Target. After the two Targets pass or are shot by Link, a whistle will sound, making the camera move to the next area.

The camera leaves the largest waterfall and moves to a smaller waterfall to the left of the biggest one. On a path left of the smaller waterfall, three Jars sit side by side. An Orange Rupee can be discovered if Link shoots the leftmost of the three Jars. A Jar with a different design sits next to the small waterfall to the right of the three Jars. If Link had shot the Scarecrow from the earlier area 8 or more times and then shot the head, a new Scarecrow will appear in between the Jars on the left and right. Another horn will sound once the camera reaches its stopping point, starting the movement of the Targets. Two Targets will move along the path behind the small waterfall, starting near the three Jars and moving out of range behind the waterfall. Once these two Targets start moving, another Target will appear behind the small waterfall, moving towards the starting point of the first two Targets. Another Target will fall down the small waterfall as these three Targets move. Once these four Targets pass by or are shot, three more Targets will appear exactly the way the first two did, moving from the left of the path to the right. Once these three Targets start moving, a small gold Target will appear behind the waterfall and move right. Two Targets will fall down the waterfall at the same time the gold Target starts moving. Three Targets appear from behind the waterfall side by side, with the middle Target small like the gold Target from before. Three more small Targets will appear from the left side of the path, with the last one being a gold Target. While all these Targets move around the path, another Target falls quickly down the waterfall. In the end, one last Target falls down the waterfall. The whistle will then sound, signaling the camera to move to the final area.

Link will be taken to the largest waterfall again, but this time facing down towards the river below instead of directly facing the waterfall. This allows Link to shoot any of the Jars missed from the first area. One final horn will sound, starting the flow of Targets down the waterfalls. Nine Targets will fall down the middle of the largest waterfall in a 3×3 array, making a square, with an extra Target above the square in the middle. The middle Target of the top row of Targets is an X-marked Target, instead of a regular Target. While these Targets fall down the waterfall, a gold Target floats down a smaller waterfall to the right of the largest waterfall. Five Targets will then fall the largest waterfall, one after another. The first Target falls on the left of the waterfall, the second in the middle, the third on the right, the fourth again in the middle, and the fifth on the left. The fifth Target in this pattern is also an X-marked Target. Three more Targets fall directly above the last target side by side. After these Targets appear, another gold Target falls down the smaller waterfall on the right. The last Targets that fall are another 3×3 square of targets falls down the largest waterfall, with four of them being X-marked Targets. The top-right corner Target, bottom-middle Target, bottom-right Target, and the middle-left Targets are all X-marked.

If Link had shot both Scarecrows eight or more times and then both of their heads, Link will be transported to a different final area near the entrance of Zora's Domain atop the largest waterfall. Two Jars sit on the left side of the entrance, while another three sit on the right side. A final horn sounds, starting the flow of Targets. All Targets floating down the river float side by side in groups of three. The first group is two X-marked Targets on the left and right sides, with a gold Target in the middle. The second group is identical to the first group but inverted with an X-marked Target in the middle and two gold Targets on the left and right. The third group is composed of two regular Targets on the left and right and a gold Target in the middle. Like the first and second groups, the fourth group is an inverted version of the third group. The left and right Targets are gold Targets and a regular Target is in the middle. The fifth group is completely made up of X-marked Targets, and the sixth group is completely made up of gold Targets. The seventh group is the same as the first group, and the eighth group is made up of two gold Targets on the left and right, with an X-marked Target in the middle. The final group, the ninth group, is two X-marked Targets on the left and right, with a gold Target in the middle. After this final group appears, no more Targets appear and Link can shoot the remaining Targets until time runs out.



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  1. If Link shoots the gold Target, he will be awarded 50 points. If he hits a bullseye on the gold Target, he will be awarded 150 points.
  2. Link will be awarded points for shooting the Orange Rupee depending on how long he took to hit it, with 1,000 points as the highest amount and 200 at the lowest. The Orange Rupee will disappear after 10 seconds.
  3. If Link shoots the Scarecrows' body, he will be awarded one point. If he shoots the Scarecrows' body again, he will be awarded two points. This pattern continues until Link shoots the Scarecrow for the eighth time, where continuous hits afterward only awards Link with eight points each. If Link ever shoots the Pumpkin head of the Scarecrow, he will be awarded points based on how many hits were taken by the Scarecrows' body, with 1,000 points being awarded if Link shot the Scarecrow eight times or more beforehand. If Link shoots the Scarecrow with a Exploding Arrow, the Scarecrows' head will be destroyed granting him points based on how many hits the body of the Scarecrow has already taken, plus an additional two points. In the first area, once the head of the Scarecrow is shot and destroyed, the Scarecrow will shrink into the ground, disappearing. Before the Scarecrow disappears, Link can shoot the body of the Scarecrow for a few shots, with each shot giving Link one point. In the second area, the Scarecrow's body can be shot infinitely, as the Scarecrow never disappears, giving Link one point every hit.
  4. If Link shoots a Target, he will be awarded 10 points and if he hits a bullseye, he will be awarded 30 points.


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