Hero's Shrine

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The Hero's Shrine is the first dungeon in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[1]

Entrance to the Shrine

The underground cavern is located beneath the statue of the ancient hero, Dazzle Lyphos. The cavern was originally built as a place to store the great wealth that the hero accumulated over the years. The trapdoor is uncovered by Chiko after Tingle finds her Fairy Doll. It will cost Tingle a total of 50 Rupees to open the gateway that leads into the dark halls.

Themes and Navigation

In the first main room, Tingle will encounter Teddy Todo for the first time. After the entrance fee has been paid, Teddy Todo will charge through the doorway, and promptly knock Tingle to the ground. Several rooms later, Tingle will find that the green giant has reached a dead end, and needs him to step on a dual switch. Shortly after, Teddy Todo will offer to sell his services to Tingle for a small fee.

There are several traps located throughout this dungeon, including Trick Chests, floor spikes, and trap rooms that will lock Tingle inside until he pays a certain amount of Rupees.

This Shrine's Boss is the Death Bug. It is destroyed when Tingle drops a total of three Tingle Bombs on its head. After defeating it, Tingle will receive the Metal Rupee and can collect 1,000 Rupees that scatters from its body.[2]


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