Watchers of the Triforce

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Watchers of the Triforce

Stage Wind and Earth Temples
Era Era of the Great Sea
Playable Character(s) Link
King Daphnes
Mini-boss(es) Gohma
Boss Phantom Ganon
Main Theme Music "Molgera:WW"
Previous Scenario
Reclaiming the Darkness
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"Watchers of the Triforce" is the fourth Scenario of the Wind Waker arc and the final Scenario of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends.[name references needed] It takes place in the Wind and Earth Temples.


The heroes have now learnt that Phantom Ganon was the great evil one who has stolen the Triforce of Power and was robbing away Cia of her power which helped him learn about Lana. With the balance of the Triforce's power shifted so greatly, time was of the essence as well as Cia disappearing forever without her magic. With little power left, Cia told Link and his allies where to find Phantom Ganon and rushed off as quickly as they can.[1]

Phantom Ganon's power was extremely high and was causing lightning to strike endlessly all over the temples and causing Hyrulean Forces to lose health. King Daphnes, however, proposed another option to cease the lightning strikes by using the power of the Temples' sages. Claiming the sage keeps from each corner of the map will weaken their foe. Once a sage keep is claimed, the large pattern on the floor will change from evil to a Triforce emblem, however, the doors remain sealed due to Phantom Ganon's doing. Two out four Sage keeps are merely impossible for Hyrulean Forces to advance to. A Hero can find a switch to pound with the Hammer to open a pathway to the Sage Keeps, one will grow out planted Korok trees to raise a Hookshot platform while another will open a light source to evaporate stone statues that was blocking a Hootshot spot. However, clearing a path will cause the Monster forces to summon Messengers to run at the sage keeps to summon reinforcements. During the confusion, Phantom Ganon continues to grow stronger within the Enemy base and overtime, Cia will be losing health from the Lightning as well if capturing the Sage keeps isn't dealt with quickly.

Once all four Sage Keeps are captured, the lightning strikes will have stopped and the doors will have finally been opened. The Heroes must protect the keeps in order to keep the lightning from resuming. Lana now wishes to rendezvous to Cia in the Allied Base. Retaliating, Phantom Ganon increases the Power within monsters that were in the central area of the map. The Heroes must clear the paths to reach and defeat the central area monsters to make Phantom Ganon leave his base. In time, the monsters will have summoned Gohma and Manhandla to advance and attack the Sage keeps. Defeating both bosses becomes the priority before regrouping with Cia.

When defeating the powered up monsters as well as the two bosses, Phantom Ganon will open the doors of his base and come out to advance on Cia at the central area as she advances towards him as well. Cia reveals that Phantom Ganon was the cause of the new rift when he was stealing her magic. In her weakened state, Cia will be unable to defeat Phantom Ganon on her own and will lose health quickly. Engaging Phantom Ganon will be proven pointless as his health will recover overtime. Once all the heroes have gathered around Phantom Ganon with Cia, using their combined strength, they will cause Phantom Ganon to lose his power to regenerate. Cia will reveal that she has used the last bit of her power and will now sit back on the sidelines, allowing the four reminding Heroes to deal with Phantom Ganon. He will strike furiously with his blades, crating clones of himself to attack and unleashing energy balls at his enemies which can be deflected back.

Once defeated, Phantom Ganon will vanish and would have released the Triforce of Power which Lana will have used to restore Cia's power back to her. With the battle won, Tetra and King Daphnes will have vanished and return to their proper homes saying good-bye. Link, Lana and Cia then return to Hyrule Castle where they will meet up with Zelda to reunite the Triforce to close the rifts once again. Restoring the lands, Lana and Cia say their good-bye to Link and Zelda as they return to the Valley of Seers to resume their roles as Guardians and keepers of the Triforce of Power.[2]


Hyrulean Forces Phantom Ganon's Forces

Hylian Captains

Big Poes

Hylian Soldiers

Stone Blins


Miniblin Captains

Green Chuchus

Red Chuchus

Yellow Chuchus


Phantom Ganon





King Daphnes



Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
On a ledge south of South Mine Keep Defeat 1,000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Behind a Wall of Vines in the tunnel west of Rock Keep As Tetra, reduce Phantom Ganon to 50% health or less in 15 minutes or less

Piece of Heart
Faces Keep Play as Link

Heart Container
Beneath a Boulder southwest of the Allied Base Play as King Daphnes

Sealed Weapon
(Swift Sail)
Rock Keep Capture the Rock Keep


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Die Hüter des Triforce (HWDE)The Guardians of the Triforce
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  1. "The heroes now knew the evil one had taken the Triforce of Power. He had robbed Cia of her magic and learned of her other half, Lana. With the balance of the Triforce so shifted, there was little hope the world would return to normal. And with her magic gone, in time Cia would completely disappear. Cia used what little power she had left to seek out the one who had taken from her so much. She told Link and the others of her findings. If they could defeat the shadowy presence, they could save not only the world from danger, but Cia as well. Link and his allies held the promise of future peace in their hearts as they readied for this final, decisive battle." — N/A (Hyrule Warriors Legends)
  2. "In this way, peace returned to Hyrule. Lana and Cia bid Link and the others farewell and resumed their roles as guardians in the Valley of Seers. Power... Wisdom... Courage. Together, Lana and Cia would protect the balance of the Triforce--in peace and harmony." — N/A (Hyrule Warriors Legends)