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The Cyclone Slate is an Item in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Location and Uses

The Cyclone Slate is given to Link by Golden Chief Cylos on the Uncharted Island, after he solves the puzzle that gives him access to the island's cavernous interior. It is a stone tablet, bearing the image of Golden Chief Cylos, that serves as the Warping mechanism of the game.[2]

The Cyclone Slate can be accessed at sea by opening the Menu in the lower-left hand corner of the screen and then selecting the "Slate" icon. In order to use it, Link must first locate any of the six Golden Frogs scattered throughout the World of the Ocean King and shoot them down with the SS Linebeck's Cannon. Once hit, the Frog will hold up a wooden Sign displaying a symbol; drawing this symbol on the Cyclone Slate will summon a cyclone that warps the young hero to the location of the Golden Frog who taught it.[3]


  • The Cyclone Slate is shaped much like a Game Boy Advance cartridge.
  • Two of the warp symbols are based on Greek letters. The symbol drawn to warp to the Golden Frog near Molida Island is the lowercase letter phi, and the symbol drawn to warp to the Golden Frog near Dee Ess Island is similar to the uppercase letter omega.


Names in Other Regions
カエルのラシン盤 (Kaeru no Rashin-ban) (PH)[5] 
Ardoise des Cyclones (PH)[10] 
The French Republic
Ardoise des tornades (PH)[8] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Frog Compass
The Italian Republic
Lavagna di Gorgo (PH)[4]Maelstorm board
Latin America
Pizarra de los Torbellinos (PH)[9] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Pizarra batracia (PH)[11] 
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