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The Ocean Realm is the name of the southeastern quadrant of the re-established land of Hyrule and the third region visited by Link in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Features and Overview

As is implied by its name, much of this part of the country is composed primarily of water from an ocean, with the coastline running along the northern border of the region and several small islands dotting the surface of the ocean. It is in this coastline where part of the Sand Realm is situated.

Most notably, the Ocean Realm is home to the settlement of Papuchia Village as well as the Ocean Sanctuary, which is where the realm's Lokomo guardian, Carben, resides. The region is often plagued by pirate attacks and is also the location of the Ocean Temple, one of the four special temples scattered across Hyrule that powers the Tower of Spirits. Link comes to this region after claiming the Ocean Rail Map from the Tower of Spirits in the hope of meeting with Carben and restoring the lost Spirit Tracks of the Ocean Realm in order to reach the Ocean Temple.

The Ocean Realm has two hidden stations: the Pirate Hideout to the north and the Lost at Sea Station to the east, both of which are only uncovered after receiving certain Force Gems by accomplishing special missions. Papuchia Village, the main settlement of the region, is situated in the southwest corner of the realm, and it is home to Hylian settlers who blindly trust in the predictions of an elderly fortune-teller known as the Wise One. By heading east of the village, the Ocean Sanctuary can be found, which is the biggest sanctuary in all of Hyrule.

The realm's temple is located in an underwater region otherwise known as the Ocean Floor; however, the temple is easily visible above the surface due to its magnificent height. In order to access the Ocean Floor, it is necessary to activate three crystal switches scattered throughout the realm in their correct order. Doing so causes a magical portal to appear near the center of the region, and all Link must simply do is take the Spirit Train into the portal to be transported to the Ocean Floor. Here, Dark Trains and Armored Trains roam the underwater tracks to impede Link's way to the Ocean Temple's entrance.



  • When driving over water, Link will be accompanied by a trio of dolphins. Blowing the train whistle will cause them to leap out of the water. Getting all three to leap at once will provide the train with a single Heart.


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ocean Land[3]
The People's Republic of China
海之大地 (Hǎi zhī dàdì)[8]
Contrée des mers[7]
The French Republic
Contrée marine[5]
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Paese dei Flutti[2]
Latin America
Región de los Mares
The Kingdom of Spain
Región de los Mares[6]
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