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Neptoona are a recurring species of Fish in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Neptoona go unnamed in Spirit Tracks.


Phantom Hourglass

Neptoona is legendary among fishermen in the World of the Ocean King. It is exceedingly large, with a length of 17 feet and 3 inches, and is considered to be the rarest and most difficult fish to catch in the sea. Neptoona is similar in appearance to its counterpart, the Rusty Swordfish, but it is much larger and has a blue and light purple coloring. Neptoona also has a serrated nose. Because of its sheer size, Neptoona must be lifted out of the water with the Salvage Arm when caught.

The spots where Neptoona can be found are marked with a black icon in the shape of a swordfish (as opposed to the dark blue marks that yield smaller fish). Although these black icons often yield Rusty Swordfish, they are the only icons that may mark Neptoona. Once Link catches Neptoona, it cannot be caught again. Subsequent swordfish markings that appear on the map will only yield Rusty Swordfish. If Link takes Neptoona back to the Old Wayfarer, he rewards Link with a Heart Container.

Spirit Tracks


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