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Seahorses,[1] also known as Gold-Colored Fish,[2] are an animal species and a pair of characters in Majora's Mask.


Two Seahorses live in Pinnacle Rock in the Great Bay Region region of Termina. One of the Seahorses was captured by the Fisherman living at the Coast.[3] The Fisherman will give Link the Seahorse in exchange for a good Pictograph of one of the Gerudo Pirates.[4]

After Link gives the Pictograph to the Fisherman, he will receive the Seahorse in exchange, who wishes to be taken to the waters near Pinnacle Rock.[5] Link carries it inside of a Bottle. Once in the waters of Pinnacle Rock, the Seahorse guides Link through the misty waters to the inner part of the area.[6] Here, the Seahorse explains to Link that his friend is trapped among the Deep Pythons, and asks for the young hero's help.[7] Once Link has killed each and every one of the sea serpents, the other Seahorse will be released. Both will thank Link for his help, and will reward him with a Piece of Heart.

The Seahorse is described by the Fisherman as a rare specimen.[8] Seahorses, referred to as gold-colored fish, are known among the Zora for their familiarity with the waters around Pinnacle Rock, and are used as guides when water conditions are bad.[2]


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Hippocampe (MM3D)[11]Seahorse
The Italian Republic
  • Ippocampo (MM)[9]
  • Cavalluccio marino (MM3D)[10]
  • Hippocampus
  • Seahorse
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Other Names

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Sea Horse[12]
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Sea Horse[12]



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