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Pictures,(MM | TP | BotW | TotK)[1][2][3][name references needed] also known as Photographs,(LA)[name references needed] Pictographs,(MM | TWW)[4][5][6] and Photos,(TP | TFH)[name references needed] are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, during the game's Trading Quest, Mr. Write receives a fake Photograph of Princess Peach from Christine. In Link's Awakening DX, the Photographer can take Photos of Link in various situations, which are saved in The Travels of Link album inside the Camera Shop.

Majora's Mask

Pictograph of Great Bay from Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, sepia-toned Pictographs can be taken with the Pictograph Box. They can be given to the Swamp Tourist Center Guide in exchange for prizes. If Link shows him a Pictograph of Tingle or the Deku King, he will receive a Piece of Heart. Link can also show a Pictograph of a Gerudo Pirate to the Fisherman at the Great Bay Coast in exchange for the Seahorse.

In Majora's Mask 3D, Link is able to take full color Pictographs.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Picto Box can only take black and white Pictographs. Once Link upgrades it to the Deluxe Picto Box by completing Lenzo's Research Assistant sidequest, he is able to take full color ones. When Link speaks to Lenzo following this upgrade, Lenzo will offer to share one of his Legendary Pictographs for 50 Rupees. These are a set of seven special Pictographs that depict subjects that cannot be captured on film by Link (with the exception of Ganondorf). The Legendary Pictograph that is offered depends on the current phase of the moon, and it will only be offered if Link has already encountered the subject in-person. In The Wind Waker HD, Legendary Pictographs cost 150 Rupees instead; they are in full color and feature altered poses.

At Windfall Island, Link can receive various Treasure Charts by showing Kamo a Pictograph of the full moon, Minenco a Pictograph of herself, and Pompie and Vera a Pictograph of Lenzo talking with Minenco. He can also receive a Piece of Heart by showing a Pictograph of Anton to Linda and vice versa.

Link can show a color Pictograph of a character or enemy to Carlov at the Nintendo Gallery in exchange for a Figurine of the subject. Despite Carlov only accepting color Pictographs, he accepts any sepia-toned Legendary Pictograph, as well as any Pictographs taken with the Deluxe Picto Box during the black-and-white Boss rematches at Ganon's Tower.

The Wind Waker HD also features a "selfie" mode in which Link can include himself in the Pictograph. By holding the left control stick in certain directions, and optionally holding the ZL button, Link can perform various facial expressions. Also, when viewing the saved Pictographs, a golden Carlov icon appears over any Pictographs that are suitable for turning into Figurines.

The Wind Waker HD Expressions

Expression Buttons Expression Buttons
L Stick (Neutral) ZL Button + L Stick (Neutral)
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
L Stick ZL Button + L Stick
Press L Stick (ZL Button optional)

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, several Photos of Hena and her siblings can be seen inside her hut in the Fishing Hole. A Photo of the Fishing Hole Man from Ocarina of Time also appears, with Hena claiming that he may be her ancestor.[7] A Photo of Link can also be added after catching the Hylian Loach.

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, Link can obtain a Camera from the Photo Bro at the Miiverse Gallery. While in the Drablands, Link can take a Photo by pressing the X button, which effectively captures a screenshot.[8] Only one Photo per Level can be saved; at the conclusion of the Level, the most recent Photo taken will be saved to Link's photo album.[9] Up to 99 Photos can be saved in the album. Link can then talk to the Photo Bro to view his album, delete any unwanted Photos, or post a Photo to Miiverse.[10][note 1]


Names in Other Regions
  • 写し絵 (Utsushie) (TWW)[13]
  • 色つきの写し絵 (Irotsuki no Utsushie) (TWW)[14]
The French Republic
  • Cliché en couleur (TWW)[17]
  • Cliché (TWW)[18]
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Lichtbild (TWW)[15]
  • Farblichtbild (TWW)[16]
The Italian Republic
  • Immagine (TWW)[11]
  • Immagine a colori (TWW)[12]
  • Picture
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Luminografía (TWW)[19]
  • Luminografía en color (TWW)[20]
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