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Iza is a character in Twilight Princess.[3]


Iza is the owner and operator of the Boat Rental Cabin in the Lanayru Province, home of the Rapids Ride Minigame. Although she is nice and kind to Link, her brother Coro mentions on how Wolf Link does not even compare to how scary she is.[2] Moreover, Iza's Zora part-time worker comments that she has a short temper, also having a tendency to bribe people with whatever is lying around.[4][5]

When Link first meets Iza, she will not let him rent a boat, saying that they are temporarily closed.[6] However, after Link defeats the Shadow Beasts that appear near her Cabin, she invites him inside.[7] She explains to him that she cannot rent boats because of an earlier rockfall damming up the river. Therefore, she asks Link for help.[8] She gives Link a Bomb Bag and Arrows to make Bomb Arrows to destroy the boulders.[9]

During the ending credits, Iza, Hena, and Coro can be seen together relaxing at the Fishing Hole.


  • If Link breaks the yellow jars hanging inside the Boat Rental Cabin, Iza will demand that Link pays for them.[10] She will also refuse service to Link until he agrees to pay 10 Rupees for them.[11]
  • After defeating the nearby Shadow Insect when the area is still covered in Twilight, Iza mentions how she wishes for a shiny prince to come by and solve all her problems. She does so while looking towards the sky with her hands together, then slumping down shaking her head.[12]


Iza is a shortening of the name Izabela.[13]

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