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The Boat Rental Cabin is a location in Twilight Princess.[1]

Features and Overview

The Boat Rental Cabin is a house located near the upper portion of Zora's River. From it, Link can rent a boat for twenty Rupees to play the Rapids Ride, a Minigame run by Iza.[2]

When Link first enters the Boat Rental Cabin, the Minigame is not playable because of several Rocks blocking the River. Iza gifts Link Arrows and a full Bomb Bag, and he may clear out all of the Rocks by combining them into Bomb Arrows.[3] The first obstacle is visible from the interior of the Cabin; it has only one complete wall and is open to Zora's River on the inside.


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    Ride downriver the FUN way!


    Rental Fee: 20 Rupees
    " — Sign (Twilight Princess)
  2. "Well, I USED to rent boats here, but then we had a rockfall and it dammed the river up." — Iza (Twilight Princess)
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