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This article is about the location in The Wind Waker. For other articles, see Gallery (Disambiguation).

The Nintendo Gallery is a location in The Wind Waker.

Features and Overview

The Nintendo Gallery is located inside a tall, cylindrical island near the Forest Haven. Its hatch door can be opened by hitting a Switch in a tiny alcove on the main island with a Seagull controlled via Hyoi Pear. The Gallery is run by Carlov, who will carve a Figurine of nearly every Enemy and Character in the game. After the entrance to the Nintendo Gallery is opened, Manny, who is seen outside of the Gallery before it is opened, will appear next to the main desk, and sometimes inside the rooms looking at the Figurines. To request a Figurine, Link must show him a color Pictograph of the subject. Carlov will only accept Pictographs which display a significant amount of the subject's body and which show the subject facing the Picto Box. After Carlov approves the Pictograph, he will complete the requested Figurine in a day. Link can use the "Song of Passing" to advance time and speed up this process. Certain characters, such as the Fairy Queen, cannot be Pictographed, so Link can purchase Legendary Pictographs of them from Lenzo on Windfall Island.

Some Characters and Bosses are encountered only one time, making it possible to leave the Nintendo Gallery incomplete. However, it can be completed during a Second Quest, where the Deluxe Picto Box is available from the beginning and all the Figurines from the previous playthrough are carried over. It is possible to complete the Nintendo Gallery on the first playthrough, as Carlov will accept the Pictograph of the Gohma rematch in Ganon's Castle. This is the only Pictograph missed before the Deluxe Picto Box can be obtained.

In The Wind Waker HD, the Picto Box can hold 12 Pictographs instead of three, plus a golden Carlov icon will appear on a Pictograph that can be used to make a Figurine. Also, Carlov can now make up to 12 Figurines per day, as opposed to only one. As the Deluxe Picto Box is obtained much earlier, it is also possible to take Pictographs of characters and enemies sooner than previously; such as Gohma's, thus eliminating the need to take its Pictograph at Ganon's Castle. Additionally, Pictographs found in a Tingle Bottle can be saved into the Picto Box, making it possible to obtain Figurines of subjects that were previously missed. The Knuckle Figurine is also needed to complete the Gallery, unlike the original game.[1]


The Figurines of the Nintendo Gallery are placed in seven themed rooms located in a ring around the center of the gallery. Going clockwise from Carlov's counter, these rooms are:

Around the door to each room is a wallpaper that reflects the room's theme. For example, the Dungeon Room wallpaper is based on the first room in Dragon Roost Cavern. The same wallpaper design lines the walls inside each room.

In each room, a note is pinned on the wall to the left of the door walking in. It gives instructions on how to view figurines.

Wall Notehide ▲

Viewing your favorite figurines:
Control Stick UpControl Stick Down Move Up and Down
Control Stick LeftControl Stick Right Rotate
C-Stick Zoom by Tilting Up and Down
A Button View Explanation
B Button Quit

Talk about simple!


  • Carlov sculpts his Figurines out of a uniquely-colored material called "rainbow stone", which is not encountered anywhere else.[2]
  • The Figurines on display in the Nintendo Gallery are seen with full shading, in contrast to the cel-shaded graphics in the rest of The Wind Waker. In The Wind Waker HD, the Figurines are given a shiny surface making them resemble smooth clay models.
  • Several of the available Figurines would be implausible as actual sculptures, as they contain floating or translucent elements. Among these is the Queen of the Fairies Figurine, which gradually changes color.
  • It is impossible to get a Figurine of a Beamos. If Link brings in a successful Pictograph of one, the resulting Figurine will be an Armos.
  • It is possible to get Pictographs of Ganondorf and Princess Zelda during the final battle and have them made into Figurines without the need of a Legendary Pictograph.
  • Carlov states that he only accepts Pictographs that are in full color. However, he will accept a Pictograph of any of the Bosses if taken during the rematches against them in Ganon's Castle, even though the Boss battles are reduced entirely to monochrome in these instances. This is the only way to obtain Gohma's Figurine during the First Quest in The Wind Waker.
  • Several The Legend of Zelda series Easter eggs can be found on and behind Carlov's desk. These include the Bunny Hood, All-Night Mask, Goron Mask, Keaton Mask, one of Tijo's drums, several Bottles of Milk, and a Cucco. Some unobtainable Figurines can also be seen, such as Tetra's Ship, a Submarine, the Salvage Corp.'s boat, a scale model of the windmill and lighthouse on Windfall Island, and both forms of the Nayru statue on Southern Triangle Island.


In the Japanese version, the Gallery is named ニテン堂 (Nitendō).[3] It may be a pun with 似ている (looking like), the Figurine's noticeable accuracy. Several localizations translate it as the "Minitendo Gallery" to recreate the similarity between the Gallery's name and Nintendo.

Names in Other Regions
ニテン堂ギャラリー (Niten-dō Gyararī) (TWW)[5] 
The French Republic
Galerie des Figurines Tendo (TWW)[7] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Minitendo Galerie (TWW)[6] 
The Italian Republic
Galleria Minitendo (TWW)[4]Minitendo Gallery; portmanteau of miniatura (miniature) and Nintendo
The Kingdom of Spain
Club Minitendo (TWW)[8] 
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