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The Great Bay Region,[1] also known as the Ocean,(MM)[2][3] the Sea,(MM3D)[4] and Great Bay,(SSBM | SSBU)[name references needed] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.

Features and Overview

The Great Bay Region is located in the west of Termina. It is a large shoreline that is home to the aquatic race of Zora from Zora Hall, the Beavers atop the Waterfall Rapids, and Gerudo Pirates. Its waters have turned warm and murky as a result of the Monsters plaguing the Great Bay Temple, threatening those who depend on the sea for life.[5]

The entrance to the Great Bay Region is barricaded by fences, making it inaccessible except by jumping the fences by Horse.


Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Melee

The Great Bay stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee

Great Bay appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The stage features the Marine Research Lab as the main platform. A rock platform stands to the left and the Giant Turtle to the right; the palm trees on his back serve as two smaller platforms. After a while, the Turtle will hide underwater, reappearing after a set amount of time.

Tingle makes a cameo appearance floating on a balloon that can be used as a platform. If a player stands long enough on the balloon, or it is pierced by an attack, it will burst and drop Tingle on the platform below. Eventually, Tingle will blow up another balloon.

The Four Giants and the Moon also make a cameo appearance in the background. As the fight progresses, the Moon will come closer to the ground. Eventually, the Four Giants will appear and stop the Moon, returning it to its original position.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Great Bay returns as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with updated graphics to closely resemble its Majora's Mask 3D appearance. Like every other stage, it also features a flat Omega form and a Battlefield form with three extra platforms.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
  • Regione Grande Baia (MM)[7]
  • Grande Baia (MM3D)[6]
  • Great Bay Region
  • Great Bay
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