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Knucklemaster is a Boss in A Link Between Worlds.[name references needed] It appears as a hand encased in a metal gauntlet, with an eye in its palm.


Knucklemaster's main attack involves clutching into a fist and ramming Link. This attack can only be avoided by jumping out of the way with the Tornado Rod, or Wall Merging. This causes Knucklemaster to crash into the wall and get stunned, exposing its vulnerable eye. After recovering, it will attempt to squash Link repeatedly. This is not only dangerous on its own, but it also destroys the fragile parts of the floor, making it harder to maneuver. After sustaining enough damage, Knucklemaster will change colors, get faster and attempt to squash Link more often, but the strategy to defeat it remains the same. Upon the monster's defeat, a passageway will be revealed, leading to Seres's Painting.


Knucklemaster is a portmanteau of Iron Knuckle and Wallmaster.

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