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The Massive Eye is a Sub-Boss in Phantom Hourglass.[1]


The Massive Eye resembles a large, floating purple and black whale with four tentacle-like fins, large lips, a horned nose and six Eyes, attacking the SS Linebeck when it is near docking at Goron Island. The Massive Eye catches the S. S. Linebeck in a Mini Cyclone, dumping it southwest of Goron Island.[2] The ships engine fails at this stage,[3] and thus, during the fight with the Massive Eye, the ship is unable to move.

To defeat the gargantuan opponent, Link must shoot the fish in each of its six Eyes twice, using the Cannon.[4] The Eyes are originally yellow, and turn pink after the first hit, before being destroyed on the second. The Massive Eye will fly in a set pattern above Link's ship, firing yellow energy balls and other common sea Enemies at the ship.[which?] Link must shoot these down with his Cannon to be able to shoot the fish's Eyes and to stock the ship up on hearts. The fish will also swoop down and charge the ship, often causing it to lose a Heart, but this is unavoidable. When the Massive Eye is defeated, Link and Linebeck can safely dock at Goron Island.[5]



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