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Head Thwomp is the Boss of the Wing Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.[1] It is a variant of a Thwomp.


Head Thwomp is battled in a side-view platforming section of the Wing Dungeon. It floats in the center of the room, constantly rotating between its four faces of different colors and expressions. Three small platforms that Link can jump onto with the Roc's Feather float in a circle around Head Thwomp, and ladders on the sides of the room allow Link to climb to a higher vantage point.

Head Thwomp is immune to all attacks except for Bombs thrown into its open top. When this happens, Head Thwomp will begin rotating quickly for several seconds, slowing down and eventually stopping with one of its faces forward; the same face that was shown when the Bomb entered it. If the red face is shown, Head Thwomp will take damage and drop a Heart out of its mouth, whereas the other three faces will cause it to attack in various ways. The green face will see Head Thwomp fire Podoboo from its top, which then rain back down on Link. The blue face makes it fire several smaller fireballs, which spin around the room in the path of the floating platforms, harming Link and knocking him off of them. The purple face makes it slam downward like a regular Thwomp, crushing Link and causing rocks to fall from the ceiling.

Head Thwomp will periodically fire Podoboo on its own, sometimes also firing a Bomb item among them that Link can collect to replenish his supply. Link must time his jumps to dodge Head Thwomp's attacks and throw Bombs so they land when its red face is showing. After taking damage four times, Head Thwomp will be defeated and will make one final slam onto the ground before disappearing, leaving behind a Heart Container and a path toward the Ancient Wood.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Testa di Twomp[2]Twomp Head
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