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Ice is a recurring theme in many titles of The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3][4][name references needed] It appears in many forms, sometimes as an obstacle for Link to overcome, as a mere hindrance, or even something to be used to Link's advantage. Ice and Snow are found in areas with sub-zero temperatures, and are a common occurrence during the Season of Winter in Holodrum, in cursed Snowhead, and in the Snow Realm. Ice has plot significance as well, as the entire Zora's Domain and the surrounding areas freeze in certain points of the plot of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.[5] The Zoras become encased in ice to be freed by Link on his quest.[6][7] In Twilight Princess, the ice of Zora's Domain is thawed by warping the Molten Shard of Death Mountain to the area.

Common Forms

Icy Surfaces

Link sliding on ice
Link in mid-fall

Perhaps the most common form of ice seen in the Legend of Zelda is iced floors and surfaces. Icy surfaces reduce traction, causing Link to slip and slide (and even fall in The Wind Waker) when moving across it. Icy surfaces are always present in ice-themed areas and dungeons, and may serve to solve certain puzzles by pushing blocks, or ice blocks (see below) across its surface. In The Wind Waker, Link occasionally uses inclined icy surfaces as a slide to reach certain areas.

In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, a ring called the Snowshoe Ring prevents Link from sliding on icy surfaces when worn. Link can use the Iron Boots in Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess, the Goron Mask in Majora's Mask, and the Cozy Parka in Tri Force Heroes to achieve a similar effect.


Main article: Iceberg

Icebergs are a second common formation of ice. They appear often on the water in areas with cold temperatures. Wherever Icebergs appear, Link must jump from one to the other to cross the body of water he is on. When preparing for a jump, Link must take into consideration the steady movement of the Icebergs. Link must also be careful jumping from one floe to the next, as the icy platforms may cause him to slip off the Iceberg. Should Link land in the icy water, he will have to swim back to the edge (sometimes taking damage from the freezing-cold water) and begin again.

In Majora's Mask, Link can create his own Icebergs by shooting an Ice Arrow into the water. Octoroks can also be frozen by the Ice Arrow in order to create a floating ice block, to be used as a platform. This is essential to the completion of the Great Bay Temple, and must be done to cross the Ikana River.[8] Blue Chuchus can also be frozen to create blocks of ice on solid ground (see below).

Icebergs appear in Zora's Fountain (when Link is an adult) in Ocarina of Time, in the Mountain Village in Majora's Mask, within the Ice Ring Isle in The Wind Waker, and at the entrance to Snowpeak in Twilight Princess.

Ice Chunks

Ice Chunks occur most prominently in Majora's Mask, but appear in other titles as well. They usually serve as barriers or obstacles, often blocking off passages or covering openings or holes. These large chunks of ice can be melted with fire-based items (such as the Fire Arrows and the Fire Rod) or Hot Spring Water, or shattered by objects such as Link's Ball and Chain in Twilight Princess. If Link touches the ice, it will temporarily freeze his entire body and sap his life energy until he breaks away from the ice encasing him. In Twilight Princess, ice chunks will not freeze Link if he touches them; some can even be shattered by regular attacks.

Ice chunks may also encase certain objects; anything from Rupees to Jars to Treasure Chests and even enemies. Just as for regular chunks, the ice can be melted by fire-based items or Hot Spring Water to reveal its contents. In Majora's Mask, ice covers the hearth of the Mountain Smithy, making it impossible for Zubora and Gabora to conduct business.[9] Just like any other ice chunk, the hearth can be thawed with Hot Spring Water or a Fire Arrow.[10] Alternatively, lifting the curse on Snowhead by defeating Goht causes the ice to melt when spring arrives to the area.[11]

This form of ice has plot significance as well. For example, the Goron Elder of Majora's Mask becomes trapped in a chunk of ice, and must be unfrozen using the Hot Spring Water from the Goron Graveyard (as Link has not obtained the Fire Arrows at the time). By doing so, the Elder can teach Link the beginning of the Goron's Lullaby, which will eventually allow the hero to access the ice-themed Snowhead Temple. Also, the boss of said temple, Goht, is originally frozen in ice, and must be unfrozen by a Fire Arrow in order to begin the battle. In this manner, Kholdstare of A Link to the Past and Dera Zol of Four Swords must also be broken out of their icy prisons in order to begin the battle. In these two latter instances, ice plays an important role in the battle; the first as an important strategic element in the defeat of the boss, the second as a method of attack employed by the boss to be avoided.

Ice Blocks

Main article: Ice Block
A Key-sicle containing a Small Key
A Key-sicle containing a Small Key
A Key-sicle containing a Big Key
A Key-sicle containing a Big Key

Ice Blocks are another form of ice seen in the Zelda universe. Usually found within ice-themed dungeons, ice blocks are usually used to solve puzzles by sliding them across icy floors. In Twilight Princess, ice blocks do not appear, replaced completely by metal blocks. However, these blocks still have the same role, as they must be pushed across ice to solve puzzles. Some blocks will be encased in ice, which must be shattered using the Ball and Chain.

In the Temple of Droplets of The Minish Cap, ice blocks may also encase keys. By opening trap doors on the floors above, these blocks can be slid under Light Beams, which will melt the ice and expose the key. After obtaining the Flame Lantern, ice blocks can be melted using said item instead.

In the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask, a particular type of Chuchu, called a Blue Chuchu, can be frozen by an Ice Arrow to create ice blocks. Enemies in A Link to the Past can also be trapped in blocks of ice with the Ice Rod.

Ice Stalagmites and Falling Ice

Main articles: Ice Stalagmite and Falling Ice
Ice Stalagmites and Icicles found in the Ice Cavern in Ocarina of Time 3D

These ice formations, usually seen in caverns of sub-zero temperatures, appear fairly often in The Legend of Zelda series, although they only interact with the environment in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Unlike ice chunks, stalagmites will not freeze Link when touched; they are simple barriers that can be destroyed using a Sword or another weapon. Occasionally, stalactites may fall on Link as he passes under them, causing him to take damage.

Chunkier stalactites can often be knocked down by Arrows. This can be used to Link's advantage by making the stalactite falling onto ice chunks below, shattering them and clearing the obstacle. In Twilight Princess regular (non-icy) stalactites appear in the Lakebed Temple. They can be knocked down using Bomb Arrows and can, once embedded in the ground, can be used as platforms to reach higher ledges.

In Phantom Hourglass, icy spikes on the Great Ice Field and in the Temple of Ice form barriers that can only be dispelled by completing a puzzle in the area.

Uncommon Forms

Red Ice
Red Ice

Red Ice

Main article: Red Ice

Red Ice is a variant of the Ice Chunk. It is seen exclusively in Ocarina of Time, primarily in the Ice Cavern. Just like regular ice chunks, Link may also find objects encased within the ice. However, Red Ice will not freeze Link when he touches it. Red Ice possesses magical properties, and can only be melted using Blue Fire.[12] On his quest, Link must unfreeze King Zora, who is encased in Red Ice when Link arrives to the frozen Zora's Domain.

Mega Ice

Main article: Mega Ice

Mega Ice is a type of ice seen only in Spirit Tracks. This powerful ice is used on several occasions, namely to calm the raging magma erupting in Goron Village. Obtained from the Noko the merchant Anouki at Wellspring Station, these large chunks of ice are carried in the freight car of the Spirit Train. Once Link exits the Snow Realm, the warmer climate will begin to melt the ice.[13] Therefore, Link must hurry to his destination in order to have enough ice to accomplish his task, whatever it may be.

Ice Crystals

Main article: Ice Crystal

Ice Crystals are magical objects (not unlike the Mega Ice of Spirit Tracks) seen only in the Sword & Shield Maze in Oracle of Seasons. They are an essential element of the dungeon, which has the peculiarity of having a fire-themed first floor and an ice-themed second floor. Three ice crystals, said to be magical and capable of freezing anything,[14] are found on a raised platform on the second floor of the dungeon. Using the Power Bracelet, each crystal must be carried to one of the three openings in the floor and dropped down into the floor below. When the ice comes in contact with the lava of the fire floor, the magical ice crystal will harden the molten rock, allowing Link to progress further in the dungeon.

Ice Leaves

See also: Snowboard Race

Ice Leaves are ice-encrusted leaves hanging from the lone tree at Snowpeak Top. These leaves, which can be knocked down from the tree, are used by Yeto as a "snowboard" in order to glide down the mountain to the Snowpeak Ruins. After seeing Yeto "snowboard" down the mountain, Link can knock down a "snowboard" of his own and follow suit. After completing the dungeon, Link can engage in Snowboard Races with Yeto and Yeta.

Ice-Based Items

On his various adventures, Link will obtain certain objects for his Inventory that harness the power of ice. These items are often used to quell raging fires or to freeze enemies, or simply to create ice.

Ice-related characters

Ice-Themed Areas

Various ice-themed locations (including overworld and dungeons) are seen on Link's various adventures, which usually contain several of the aforementioned ice formations. The following is a gallery of all such locations in The Legend of Zelda.

Ice-Based enemies

Ice-Based bosses and mini-bosses



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