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Bedoli is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Bedoli is a citizen of Rito Village, located on the Tabantha Frontier. She and Laissa live together in a home near Akh Va'quot Shrine. During the day, she can be found walking around Revali's Landing.

When spoken to initially, Bedoli asks if Link has seen Divine Beast Vah Medoh, admitting everyone in the village is unsure what to do.[4] Every time she looks up, she can't help but sigh, and she wonders when the village will be able to relax again.[5]

After Vah Medoh has been appeased, Bedoli becomes so excited she doesn't realize that she's started singing an old song.[6] She asks Link if he heard her sing.[7] If Link asks Bedoli to teach him, she claims that's embarrassing.[8] However, while Bedoli sings the song for Link, she doesn't remember all of it.[9] She directs Link to find Laissa, which initiates the Shrine Quest "The Ancient Rito Song".[2]

Speaking to Laissa, she comments that Bedoli's memory is terrible.[1] Once Link has learned the second half, he can return to Bedoli, who claims she remembers the rest of the words.[10] She's able to recite the whole song,[11] and she's not sure what it means.[12] At any time afterwards, Link can approach Bedoli to have her recite the song again.[13]


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