Song of the Stormwind Ark

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The "Song of the Stormwind Ark" is a Song in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Learning Location and Uses

The "Song of the Stormwind Ark" details the story of the Stormwind Ark, which is said to have saved Rito Village in the distant past.[2] It has been transcribed in the Rito Records, which can be found at the Hebra Trailhead Lodge.

When Link first arrives in Rito Village, he will find Notts, Genli, and Molli practicing their singing together.[3][4][5] If he approaches him, Genli and Molli reveal that they hope the "Song of the Stormwind Ark" will help save Rito Village from the blizzard it is suffering.[1][6] Notts then asks Link if he wants to listen to them sing.[7] Should Link agree to hear the song, Notts states that they love to have an audience.[8]

Although many of the Rito look to the "Song of the Stormwind Ark" for hope during the Blizzard, Tulin believes them to be foolish.[9] During the "Tulin of Rito Village" Main Quest, Tulin is reminded of the song upon seeing the silhouette of a giant ship at the center of the Blizzard.[10] When he and Link reach the Wind Temple, he is shocked to find that the song was recounting historical events.[11]


Once, a god fell from heaven, stilling the Hebra winds.

The heavens grew lifeless, just as the air below thinned.

With the world in upheaval, we pledged to help the lord.

A line of ships soaring, built as a passage skyward.

The god ascended to heaven, leaving behind an ark.

Its winds brought us new life, thanks to its great, divine spark.

Song of the Stormwind Ark


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