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Sonia is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.[4]


Sonia is the descendant of the Reborn Goddess Hylia.[5] She was born on the Surface and was a priestess before becoming queen.[6] She is married to Rauru, and together the two founded the Hyrule Kingdom.[7] It is possible that Hyrule may have been destroyed once before their founding.[8] She possesses powers over Time and bears a Secret Stone that amplifies her powers. She also possesses the ability to sense Rauru's powers of Light and her own powers of Time within her descendant, Zelda.[9]

She teaches Zelda how to harness her innate powers over Time, but is ultimately killed by Ganondorf, who steals her Secret Stone and uses it to amplify his power to become Demon King Ganondorf.


  • Similar to how Hylia's ancestry to the Royal Family of Hyrule seems to be inspired by the Japanese goddess Amaterasu being the ancestor to Japan's imperial family, Sonia may be inspired by Himiko, an ancient priestess and earliest known queen of Japan.


Sonia is a Slavic name which is derived from the Greek Sophia, which itself means "wisdom".

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