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Dorephan,(TotK)[10] also known as King Dorephan,(BotW | HWAoC)[7][5] is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. He is the ruler of the Zora and, by the time of Breath of the Wild, has been for up to 200 years.[11]


Breath of the Wild

King Dorephan is the reigning monarch of Zora's Domain. In addition to this, he is the father of Mipha and Sidon.[9] He presides over the Domain from the Throne Room. He is a historian, collecting stories about Zora's Domain that have been passed down in the Zora royal family.[12] As the king of the Zora, it is his job to watch over the Water level of the East Reservoir Lake.[13][14]

King Dorephan greatly cherished his daughter Mipha.[8] As the threat of Calamity Ganon rose, he eventually gave her permission to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta, though he made her promise to return to him safely.[15] Following the Great Calamity, he grew to regret allowing her to join the fight against Ganon.[16] Since then, he has prayed every day that Mipha's soul will rest in peace.[17]

According to the History of the Zora, Addendum 1, a Guardian Stalker approached Zora's Domain through Upland Zorana approximately 100 years after King Dorephan became its ruler.[11] When the Zora soldiers were unable to stop the Guardian, King Dorephan decided to face it on his own.[18] He threw the Guardian into a ravine and destroyed it, which increased the trust and respect his citizens had for him.[19] He still has a scar on his forehead from this encounter.[20]

The Stone Monuments scattered throughout the Lanayru Great Spring were originally a single monument commissioned by King Dorephan.[21] However, due to the length of the writing he gave to the stonemason, the commission was split among seven Monuments.[22] Three additional Monuments were crafted, one of which honors the achievements of King Dorephan.[23]

After Link follows Sidon to Zora's Domain during the "Reach Zora's Domain" Main Quest, Sidon beckons Link to meet King Dorephan.[24] In the Throne Room, Link will find King Dorephan and Muzu, the former of whom identifies Link as the Hylian that Sidon has recruited.[25] He congratulate Link for being able to make it to the Domain.[26] He introduces himself as the ruler of the Zora.[27] Upon noticing the Sheikah Slate, King Dorephan is able to recognize Link as the Hylian Champion.[28]

King Dorephan informs Link that they have met many times before.[29] Thinking back to such memories brings a wave of nostalgia upon him.[30] Having heard a rumor that Link fell in battle, King Dorephan is relieved to see that he has survived.[31] Despite how Link responds to him, King Dorephan will realize that Link has lost his memories.[32][33]

Upon hearing this, King Dorephan asks Link if he remembers his daughter, Mipha.[34] He is shocked to hear that Link is unable to recall her, since the two of them were close friends.[35] He encourages Link to look upon Mipha's Statue in the Zora's Domain Square in an attempt to jog his memory.[36] King Dorephan hopes that Link's memory will eventually return.[37] Sidon interjects, as he believes discussing his sister is not helping matters.[38] King Dorephan agrees, though he points out how remarkable it is that Sidon was able to bring a Champion to Zora's Domain without realizing it.[39]

While he recognizes that Link has faced many trials, King Dorephan still asks him to hear his request.[40] Zora's Domain is in danger because of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, and the Zora are unable to stop it without his help.[41] Muzu is opposed to this, as he is unwilling to accept the assistance of a Hylian.[42] Both King Dorephan and Sidon silence him, as they already came to the decision to rely on a trustworthy Hylian.[43][44] King Dorephan vouches for Link's character and explains all of Hyrule Kingdom will be doomed if they do not act.[45] In this scenario, he believes that Zora and the Hylians should put their differences aside and work together.[46] Muzu accuses the Hylians of abusing the power of the ancient Sheikah, and he blames them for Mipha's death.[47]

King Dorephan pauses, but he then explains to Link that Divine Beast Vah Ruta is capable of generating an endless supply of Water.[48] The heavy Rain in the area has been caused by the Divine Beast spouting Water into the air.[49] While the Zora are able to breath both Water and air, King Dorephan worries that the East Reservoir Lake will soon overflow, which could damage both Zora's Domain and the Hylian settlements downstream of the Zora River.[50] They are interrupted by the sound of Divine Beast Vah Ruta crying out.[51]

Afterwards, King Dorephan recalls that Zelda studied the Divine Beasts before the Great Calamity.[52] Her research indicates that the orbs of Divine Beast Vah Ruta's shoulders are mechanisms that control the Water it generates, but they require Electricity to work.[53] He believes that the orbs are out of control since there is no Electricity to stop them.[54] Sidon asks Link to use Shock Arrows on the orbs so they will start working again, which will end Divine Beast Vah Ruta's rampage.[55] King Dorephan is surprised to hear that Zelda is still alive and instructed Link to appease the Divine Beasts.[56] He is in awe that both she and Link have been alive since the Great Calamity.[57]

Though they are unable to change what happened 100 years ago, King Dorephan believes that by reclaiming the Divine Beasts, they will be of help in sealing Calamity Ganon.[58] Once Link agrees to appease Divine Beast Vah Ruta alongside Sidon, King Dorephan thanks him for his help.[59] Since they have the same goals, he states that their meeting was destiny.[60] As a show of faith, King Dorephan gives Link the Zora Armor.[61] He explains that if Link wears this Armor, he will be able to swim up Waterfalls like a Zora would.[62]

Muzu disagrees with this decision, as Mipha herself made the Zora Armor for her future husband.[63] In anger, Muzu storms out of the Throne Room.[64] King Dorephan comments that Muzu does not easily change his mind.[65] He asks for Link's understanding, explaining that Muzu was Mipha's tutor, and therefore she meant a lot to him.[66] Ever since she was defeated during the Great Calamity, Muzu has hated Hylians.[67] He hopes that Link will be able to forgive Muzu's rudeness.[68]

Now that Muzu is gone, King Dorephan reveals that he tasked him with finding the Shock Arrows they need in order to face Divine Beast Vah Ruta, but he left without telling them where they are.[69] When Sidon leaves to talk with Muzu,[70] King Dorephan realizes that he is going to share the truth with him.[71] He directs Link to the Zora's Domain Square, where he urges Link to try to speak with Muzu.[72] After King Dorephan finishes speaking, the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest will begin.

If Link speaks to King Dorephan after gaining the "Mipha's Touch" Recovered Memory, he instructs Link to meet with Sidon at the East Reservoir Lake to face Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[73] He then asks if Link has regained any memories of Mipha.[74] If Link responds that he has, King Dorephan will be overjoyed.[75] If Link claims to remember only a little, King Dorephan will be relieved.[76]

King Dorephan recounts that he was proud when Mipha was chosen to be a Champion, but he was also scared.[77] Due to how quickly everything happened during the Great Calamity, he feels as though he should have tried harder to keep Mipha away from danger.[78] If Link apologizes, King Dorephan tells him not to do so, as the fault lies with Calamity Ganon.[79] If Link asks what happened to Mipha, King Dorephan reveals that he does not know.[80] He continues, explaining that Calamity Ganon trapped the Champions within their Divine Beasts.[81] As none of the Champions have returned, King Dorephan is pained when he thinks of what may have happened to them.[82] He believes that all he can do is pray, though he is aware that it is unlikely they would have survived.[83] When spoken to again, he wonders what happened to Mipha and the rest of the Champions in their Divine Beasts, hoping that they could miraculously still be alive.[84]

Once Divine Beast Vah Ruta has been calmed, all of the Zora will gather in the Throne Room in front of King Dorephan. He congratulates Link for surviving the dangers inside the Divine Beast, and he reveals that he has been waiting for him to return.[85] He comments that the Rain plaguing Zora's Domain has finally subsided, as has the threat to Zora's Domain.[86] He states that Link has successfully averted the danger of a flood running through Hyrule Kingdom.[87] To reward him, King Dorephan allows Link to take the contents of a nearby Treasure Chest, which he explains was once a belonging cherished by Mipha, as a token of their friendship.[88] Inside the Chest, Link will find the Lightscale Trident.

If the Master Sword is not already in Link's possession, King Dorephan will acknowledge its absence and state only Link, as the Hylian Champion, can wield it.[89] If Link does have the Master Sword, King Dorephan wonders if he has any need for the Lightscale Trident and reminds him to take good care of the Sword.[90] He once again thanks Link on behalf of the Zora for his heroism.[91] King Dorephan praises Sidon as well, telling him how proud he is and that he will be a worthy heir when the time comes.[92] Sidon is humbled by this and thanks his father.[93]

King Dorephan rejoices both that the Rain has stopped and that they have reclaimed Divine Beast Vah Ruta as an ally.[94] He watches as the gathered Zora cheer and Sidon gives his thanks to Link.[95] After this, the Main Quest will be completed.

When Link speaks to King Dorephan after completing "Divine Beast Vah Ruta", he will once again express his gratitude for saving Zora's Domain.[96] He claims that there is no happier place than Zora's Domain, as everyone is celebrating.[97] Since Link traveled inside Divine Beast Vah Ruta, King Dorephan asks Link if they were too late to save Mipha.[98] When Link reveals that he met Mipha's spirit, King Dorephan asks if she said anything to him.[99]

King Dorephan is saddened to confirm that Mipha has died, though he has difficulty believing there was nothing he could do to save her.[100] However, he takes comfort in the fact that she is able to fulfill her duty as a Champion.[101] He proclaims that Mipha will never be alone, as it is his duty as her father to watch over her.[102] King Dorephan informs Link that Mipha truly loved him, and he knows that she is overjoyed to be able to help him.[103] He asks Link to promise him that he will never forget her.[104] Once Link responds, King Dorephan thanks him and states that he appreciates it.[105] If Link is ever in trouble, King Dorephan reminds him that he is always welcome in Zora's Domain.[106] Again, he thanks Link from the bottom of his heart.[107]

While The Champions' Ballad Downloadable Content Pack is active, Link is able to ask King Dorephan about Mipha.[108] He describes Mipha as being kind since the day she was born, which she showed to both her fellow Zora and strangers.[109] He recalls that, when Link first visited Zora's Domain as a child, she loved him like a brother.[110] However, since Link aged faster than she did, Mipha began to look up to him.[111] He recounts that Mipha's Diary states that she quickly developed feelings for Link.[112] Their relationship reminded King Dorephan of an old Zora legend about a Zora princess falling in love with a Hylian swordsman, and so he was supportive of them.[113] He laments that the two of them were never able to live their lives together.[114]

When Link asks about Mipha's Diary, King Dorephan explains that it was discovered recently, which has brought him much joy.[115] He does not mind if Link reads it, and he is sure Mipha would forgive him if he did.[116]

Tears of the Kingdom

After Link and Sidon defeat Mucktorok and stop the pollution of Zora's Domain, Dorephan chooses to step down from the throne so Sidon can take his place as king.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

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King Dorephan first appears in the "Mipha, the Zora Princess" Scenario, where Zelda asks King Dorephan for permission to let Mipha pilot the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. However, King Dorephan refuses, saying that letting his daughter pilot the Divine Beast is too much of a risk on her life. However, a horde of monsters coming to Zora's Domain is then reported by a Zora, and the meeting ends.

While King Dorephan is fighting, his soldiers around him are killed. King Dorephan is attacked by an Electric Moblin, at which point Mipha uses Divine Beast Vah Ruta's laser to obliterate the monster. She then destroys all the monsters coming to Zora's Domain using the Divine Beast.

After the battle and seeing Mipha's performance with Divine Beast Vah Ruta, he says that he will allow Mipha to pilot the Divine Beast. However, he makes Mipha promise that she will come back alive.


  • Dorephan's design is based on a whale.[117]
  • In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, King Dorephan's model erroneously features his scar on his forehead, which he did not obtain until after the Great Calamity.
  • In the Japanese version of Breath of the Wild, King Dorephan has a unique expression of laughter, "ジャブフフフッ! (Jabu-fufufu!)" [118] which is a reference to Lord Jabu-Jabu.


Like most Zora in Breath of the Wild, Dorephan's name is a musical reference. His name seems to come from western solfège, "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do." His name may also be derived from "Dauphin", the French word for Dolphin and the title of heir to the French throne.

Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
King Dorephan (BotW)
  • ドレファン (Dorefan) (BotW)
  • ドレファン (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
多雷凡 (Duōléifán) (BotW | TotK)
The People's Republic of China
  • 多莱凡 (Duōláifán) (BotW)
  • 多雷凡 (Duōléifán) (TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Koning Dorephan (BotW)
Dorefah (BotW | TotK)
The French Republic
Dorefah (BotW | TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
Dorephan (BotW | TotK)
The Italian Republic
  • Re Dorefan (BotW)
  • Dorefan (TotK)
The Republic of Korea
도레판 (TotK)
Latin America
Rey Dorphan (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Rey Dorphan (BotW)
  • Dorphan (TotK)
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