Hateno Village Research Lab

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This article is about the Side Adventure. For the location, see Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Hateno Village Research Lab

Quest Giver Robbie
Location Lookout Landing
Previous QuestNext Quest
"A Mystery in the Depths""Presenting: Hero's Path Mode!"
"Presenting: Sensor +!"
"Presenting: The Travel Medallion!"

"Hateno Village Research Lab" is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]



Stage Description
1 Robbie says that he can equip your Purah Pad with a sensor that can detect specific things. He wants you to come to the Purah Pad Research Lab near Hateno Village.

You'll find it at the edge of the East Necluda region in southeast Hyrule. There he'll set up the sensor to detect shrines.
2 Robbie installed the sensor, which can detect shrines. It uses sound to guide you to shrines and will respond more strongly when you move in the direction of the shrine.

Find the shrine down the slope right outside the lab, in the direction the sensor is pointing you.
3 You discovered the shrine that the sensor was reacting to in a cave at the bottom of the hill.

Go check in with Robbie.
Complete Robbie installed the sensor, which detects shrines. He said he's created even more features for your Purah Pad. Speak to him anytime if you'd like to learn more.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
哈特诺村的研究所 (Hātènuò cūn de yánjiū suǒ)[2]
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