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Romani is a character in Majora's Mask.[2]


Romani is a young girl who helps her elder sister, Cremia, take care of Romani Ranch, the premier supplier of Milk for the Milk Bar. She is kept busy by her dedication to keep the Ranch and the Cows safe from the Ghosts.[3] However, her older sister does not believe her, forcing Romani to look for help elsewhere. She recruits Link to help her defend the Cows and teaches him "Epona's Song" to help him train for the attack.[4][5] She is proficient in the use of a Bow, although she does not actually help during the ghost attack because she stays inside the barn to guard the Cows. Once the Cows are saved, she thanks Link with a Bottle full of Romani Milk and calls him a "little hero" before heading to bed.[6] Romani later reveals that she does not tell Cremia about the recent Ghost attack so as to not worry her.[7] The next day, Romani asks for Link's assistance again for next year, but then comes up with the idea of having Link live at the Ranch with them instead, allowing him to borrow Romani's bed and claiming that her sister will be happy too.[8]

Romani is shown to have a fun-loving and active personality, constantly jogging outside her house with her pet Dog during the day. She is not afraid to speak her mind, as demonstrated when she calls Link "cute" the first time she meets him.[9] She also likes to refer to herself in third person, and it is implied by her actions and by Cremia that Romani is not aware of the fate that is about to befall Termina. She wishes to go to the Carnival of Time, an event that she has never attended, but her older sister won't allow her to go until she turns into an adult.[10] However, on the night of the Final Day, Romani is excited at the fact that her older sister is finally going to let her try some of the Chateau Romani, although she is confused since Cremia had told her to wait until she became an adult.[11] Romani will also receive a Mask handmade from Cremia, for her older sister has finally acknowledged her as an adult.[12]

Romani is last seen during the game's ending showing off her Bow skills as her older sister cheers her on.


Romani's schedule is affected by the completion of the Event "Protect Romani's Cows!", during which Link defends Romani's Ranch from the Ghosts on the Night of the First Day.

Dawn of the First Day
6:00 AMRomani RanchRuns around and practices with her Bow.
Night of the First Day
6:00 PMMama's HouseEats dinner with Cremia.
2:00 AMRomani RanchLeaves the house and enters the Barn in preparation for the fight against the Ghosts.
Protect Romani's Cows! Protect Romani's Cows!
5:15 AMRomani RanchRomani thanks Link for fighting off the Ghosts.
5:15 AMMama's HouseGoes to bed before Cremia wakes up.
Dawn of the Second Day
6:00 AMBarnTalks to Cremia.
Night of the Second Day
6:00 PMMama's HouseEats dinner with Cremia.
8:00 PMMama's HouseGoes to bed.
Dawn of the Final Day
6:00 AMRomani RanchWalks around.
Night of the Final Day
6:00 PMMama's HouseEats dinner with Cremia.
8:00 PMMama's HouseGoes to bed.
2:30 AMRomani RanchThe Ghosts arrive. Link fails to fend them off and Romani is abducted along with the Cows.
Dawn of the Second Day
6:00 AMRomani RanchRuns around near the southern end of Romani Ranch.
Night of the Second Day
6:00 PMMama's HouseGoes to bed early.
Dawn of the Final Day
6:00 AMRomani RanchSits on a box in front of the Barn.
Night of the Final Day
6:00 PMMama's HouseEats dinner with Cremia.
8:00 PMMama's HouseGoes to bed.


  • When Romani first meets Link, she gives him the nickname "Grasshopper" because he wears green and apparently patters when he runs.[13] This is the same name Agitha gives Link in Twilight Princess.[14]
  • Romani tells Link that Cremia has a crush on Kafei. Due to this, several characters believe that the reason for Kafei's disappearance is that he has run off with Cremia, despite his approaching wedding.
  • Before doing the Milk delivery quest on the second night, if Link talks to Romani inside the house first, she will offer that Link stays and lives with them, saying she will lend Link her bed. She will only do this if Link agreed to be her assistant on the first day.[15]
  • If Link fails to help Romani fend off the Ghosts after getting Epona (as opposed to simply visiting the ranch for the first time on the Final Day), she will even in her disoriented state allow him to improve on his horseback archery if he so desires. However, she only refers to it as practice and even questions herself as to what he is practicing for.[16]
  • In the Majora's Mask demo, Cremia refers to Madame Aroma as her and Romani's aunt.[17] In the final release, she simply calls her a middle-aged woman.[18]
  • Romani and Cremia were set to appear in the Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himekawa but were cut as Akira Himekawa could not fit them in the story. This omission is acknowledged in a side note at the end of the manga.[19]


Romani is most likely named after the Romani people of Europe.

Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Romani (MM3D)[22]
The Italian Republic
  • The accent prevent the word from not sounding like the word romani (Romans)
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