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The Masked Elder is a character in A Link Between Worlds.


The Masked Elder is the apparent leader of the Masked Followers, a group of Loruleans who have begun to don masks as a way to escape the corruption that plagues their deteriorated, lawless kingdom.[1][2] He also appears to be the Lorulean counterpart of Sahasrahla from Hyrule, presumably making him the leader of Thieves' Town. He has white hair and a white beard; partially obscured by a bright red mask he wears and wields a blue staff. The Masked Elder can be found standing on top of a circular, purple pedestal in the western side of Thieves' Town with three of his followers, near the Weather Vane. His housekeeper is also one of his followers, who states that she was ordered by the elder to join his cult.[3] The Masked Elder can be seen preaching the group's beliefs to his followers and passersby.

Although their kingdom has regressed into ruination, he tells his followers, as well as any passerby, to resist the temptation to commit acts of theft.[4] In addition, he implores the crowd to wear masks depicting monsters, which he believes to be strong and capable of bringing them salvation.[1]


Names in Other Regions
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Latin America
Gurú enmascarado
The Kingdom of Spain
Gurú enmascarado
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