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The Spirit House,[1] also known as the Ghost Hut,[name references needed] is a location in Majora's Mask. It runs a battle-based Mini-Game.

Features and Overview

The Spirit House is located near the Gibdo Well in Ikana Canyon, home to the Poe Collector and the Poe Sisters. It serves as a test of strength where, for a price of just 30 Rupees, Link can fight the four Poe Sisters: Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg. If the "Song of Healing" is played before speaking to the Poe Collector, he will lower the price to 10 Rupees, while commenting that not all spirits can be healed by that song.[2]

The battle takes place in a totally closed chamber. If the young hero is able to defeat all four Poes within a time limit and before his health reaches three hearts, the Poe Collector will reward him with a Piece of Heart.[3][4] Once Link has defeated the Poes, the Poe Collector mentions that the sisters' souls have been healed, as well as his, and gives the young hero his reward before disappearing and leaving the hut empty.[5]

In Majora's Mask 3D, if Link beats the Mini-Game a second time, he is awarded with a Fishing Hole Pass.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
幽霊小屋 (Yūrei Goya) (MM)[7]Ghost Hut
The Italian Republic
Casa stregata (MM3D)[6]Hunted house
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