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Yomo Medusa are recurring traps in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed]


A Link to the Past

Yomo Medusa first appear in the Swamp Palace, and later appear in other Dark World dungeons.

Unlike normal Medusa, they do not appear as a snake-like statue. Instead, they appear as a small raised structure with four holes, one at each compass direction. These statues will remain harmless unless they detect a sword being drawn, at which point they will immediately fire a fireball from one of the four openings that is closest to Link. Their otherwise nonthreatening appearance and rapid firing makes them a threat to unwary adventurers; but if Link does not unsheath his sword, they will not attack. They commonly appear near the center of rooms with large groups of enemies, in order to maximize their threat.

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets


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