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Abandoned Mines are locations in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Features and Overview

Abandoned Mines are the ruins of facilities that once processed Zonaite in large quantities.[2] Despite being abandoned, Forge and Steward Constructs still remain in them, awaiting activation. The Forge Constructs will open Shops which exchange Items for Zonaite. Once Link has the Autobuild Ancient Power, the Steward Constructs will also offer Schema Stones bearing Schematics.

Yiga Footsoldiers disguised as Researchers from the Zonai Survey Team can typically be found at Abandoned Mines.

List of Abandoned Mines


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  1. "Ah, great timing! Get a load of this! Another abandoned mine! Can you believe it?! There should be a big crystallized charge somewhere around here. If you're free, would you mind taking a look? There's more constructs here too. Wonder if we'll ever actually learn to activate 'em..." — Researcher (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. "Welcome. This was once a busy refinery where a great deal of zonaite was processed. My task here is to manage designs for mining equipment. Please hold on one moment." — Steward Construct (Tears of the Kingdom)