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Not to be confused with Link, the Gorons who share a name with the Hero of Time.

Goron Link is one of the forms Link turns into in Majora's Mask,[3] achieved by wearing the Goron Mask. It is one of four mask transformations in the game.


After traveling to Termina's northern mountains, Snowhead, Link discovers that the home of the Gorons has been plagued with an endless winter. While exploring the frozen, snow-covered Goron Village, he is confronted by a Goron ghost, who implores that the hero follow him.[4] Using the Lens of Truth, Link is able to travel with the ghost as his guide to the hidden Goron Graveyard, where the ghost reveals his story. He is the spirit of Darmani III, a hero among Gorons, who gave his life in an attempt to break the curse on Snowhead Temple. He was unsuccessful and died after falling into an abyss.[5] Darmani laments that he can no longer aid his people, though their suffering continues.[6] Link plays the "Song of Healing" to heal the wounds of the sorrowful ghost. The song calms the Goron warrior's spirits, and he prepares to enter his eternal slumber. Link then receives the Goron Mask, which grants the wearer the powers of the fallen Goron warrior. As a final request, Darmani tasks Link to use the mask and free the Goron people from the curse of the Snowhead Temple.[7] Wearing this mask enables Link to transform into Goron Link.

After saving the Goron people, Goron Link can learn to use Powder Kegs with the help of a Goron, which is required to gain access to Romani Ranch, where Epona can be found.


While in Goron form, Link gains many unique abilities which can be used to fight enemies, solve puzzles, or even to travel across Termina at a faster speed. Many of Goron Link's abilities are based on his physical prowess, though he also possesses a powerful magical ability.

The Goron Pound

Goron Punch

The Goron Punch replaces Link's Sword as Goron Link's main attack. Pressing the B-Button will cause Goron Link to deliver a powerful punch, and continued pressing will result in Goron Link executing an uppercut followed by a full-body blow.[8]

Goron Pound

By pressing the A-Button to curl, Goron Link can then perform a Goron Pound by pressing the B-button.[9] This will cause Goron Link to jump in the air and slam back to the ground with incredible force. This attack can activate hardened switches, stun enemies, and break heavy objects.[10]

Goron Link performing a roll


By curling into a ball by tapping the A-Button and tilting the control stick, Goron Link will then go into a roll. If Link continues rolling long enough without encountering an obstacle or leaving the ground, spikes will appear around his body and enable him to roll even faster. This attribute helps in clearing long gaps and retaining better traction on icy terrain.[11] Goron Link's spiked roll can also destroy or damage many enemies and objects. However, this powerful ability also quickly drains Magic Power, and will cease to operate if Link's Magic Meter is completely emptied.

Other abilities

Goron Link has the unique ability to carry Powder Kegs, which are so large that he can only carry one at a time. These massive explosives are so dangerous that he must first pass a test to even be allowed to carry them.[12] Goron Link also has the ability to wade through lava without harm.

Despite his many strengths and abilities, Goron Link has a major weakness: he cannot swim.[13] Falling into a body of water will cause Goron Link to sink before reemerging back onto ground.


While in Goron form, Link's Ocarina of Time takes the form of the Goron Drums. These Drums are popular among Gorons, and are needed to give effect to the "Goron Lullaby" melody.

The Goron Drums are necessary in two instances. They are used to calm the screaming Goron Elder's Son by playing the lullaby intro. The young Goron will then stop crying and teach Link the rest of the "Goron Lullaby." The sound of the Drums will calm the Elder's son, and he will fall asleep.[14] The full "Goron Lullaby" is required to sleep Biggoron.[15] The song will cause Biggoron to doze off and fall into the abyss, clearing the way to Snowhead Temple. The massive Goron will, however, return once Goht has been defeated, albeit in a very confused state.[16]


  • Goron Link's Goron Pound and punch are equivalent, in function, to the Megaton Hammer.
  • Goron Link cannot be harmed by ReDeads or Gibdos.


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