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Bludo is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[5][6]


Breath of the Wild

Bludo is the Boss of the Gorons in the Eldin Region and the founder of the Goron Group Mining Company.[7][8] He lives in Goron City in the Boss's House. Bludo has a number of Cannons around Eldin that only he is able to operate.[9][10] Whenever the Divine Beast Vah Rudania starts terrorizing the Gorons, he and his partner, Yunobo, leave to drive it away. Working in tandem, Bludo operates the Cannons while Yunobo acts as the cannonball using Daruk's Protection.[11] Despite their many attempts, though, Vah Rudania always returns.[12]

When Link arrives at Goron City, he will find Bludo cursing Divine Beast Vah Rudania in frustration.[13] He explains that the Divine Beast's rampage have worsened the eruptions from Death Mountain.[14] There is a legend that, 100 years ago, it used to protect the Gorons, but Bludo states that times have changed since then.[15] Rudania has disrupted the Goron Group Mining Company's operations, leading to suffering for all of the Gorons. In his anger, Bludo accidentally throws out his back,[16] though he dismisses it when Link asks if he is alright.[17]

At this point in the conversation, Bludo realizes he does not know who Link is.[18] When Link reveals that he is a traveler, Bludo is honored that he came so far to pay his respects to him.[19] He then properly introduces himself to Link.[7] Bludo was planning to drive away Vah Rudania again, but he is unable while his back hurts.[20] He quietly wonders where Yunobo went,[21] explaining that he is a young Goron who helps him with the task.[22] However, he has not returned after setting out to the Abandoned North Mine to retrieve Bludo's painkillers.[23] Believing that Yunobo is slacking off,[24] Bludo asks Link to tell Yunobo to return if he sees him.[25] With this, the "Divine Beast Vah Rudania" Main Quest will begin.

After Link rescues Yunobo and returns to Goron City, Bludo reveals that Yunobo told what happened.[26] Since Hylians need rewards, Bludo gives Link three Fireproof Elixirs.[27] Now that he has taken his painkillers, Bludo is ready to meet up with Yunobo to face Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[28] While he does not wish to disrespect the legacy of Daruk, he is eager to send the Divine Beast back again.[29] At Link's confusion, Bludo is shocked to hear that he does not know who Daruk is.[30] He points out the Goron Stone Memorial, explaining that it depicts Daruk.[31] Seeing the statue triggers the "Daruk's Mettle" Recovered Memory.

Although Bludo is confused by Link's reaction, he adds that Yunobo is a descendant of Daruk, and is thus able to use his ability.[32] Bludo reveals that Yunobo uses it to stay safe while they fire him at Divine Beast Vah Rudania, as it is the only way to scare it off.[33] Just as Bludo is about to leave to meet up with Yunobo,[34] his back flares up again.[16] When Link asks if he is alright, Bludo grumpily replies that he is not.[35] With no other choice, he is forced to cancel his plans.[36] He asks Link to find Yunobo at the Bridge of Eldin and inform him of the news.[37]

Ater Link has freed Divine Beast Vah Rudania, he meets with Yunobo in Goron City, who tells him that Bludo wants to see him and should not be kept waiting.[38] At the Boss's House, Bludo thanks Link for all he has done and admits that he is impressed.[39] However, Bludo is teases Link about the fact that he did so just when his back pain went away,[40] as now it looks like he was faking it to avoid the battle.[41] He is also relieved that the experience has helped Yunobo mature, crediting Link with the achievement.[42] Finally, Bludo points out Divine Beast Vah Rudania on top of Death Mountain,[43] which has now returned to its peaceful self.[44] Now, the Goron Group Mining Company will be able to return to mining near the volcano.[45]

Suddenly, Bludo remembers that he still needs to reward Link.[46] He allows Link to keep the contents of the Treasure Chest in his House,[47] which he claims is a blade once used by Daruk.[48] Inside the Chest, Link will find the Boulder Breaker. If Link does not already have the Master Sword, Bludo will recount the legend that states it is sleeping in a forest.[49] He suggests that Link try to search for the Sword.[50]

When Link speaks to Bludo, he will remark that it is scorching out.[51] Link will be able to ask him about the Master Sword, Boulder Breaker, or Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Bludo explains that the Master Sword, known as the Sword that Seals the Darkness, once belonged to the Hylian Champion.[52] That Sword was supposedly stronger than the Boulder Breaker.[53] If Link has the Master Sword, Bludo will notice the sharp blade he carries and wonders where he got it.[54]

If Link asks about the Boulder Breaker, Bludo explains that he should seek out Rohan if he ever loses it.[55] He repeats that it once belonged to Daruk,[56] sharing a rumor that Daruk used to fan himself with it.[57] Finally, if Link asks about Divine Beast Vah Rudania's location, Bludo tells him it is still where he left it.[58] He is grateful that Link defeated the Divine Beast, as that meant he did not have to do it himself.[59]

If The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack is downloaded, Link can ask Bludo about Daruk during the "EX Champion Daruk's Song" Main Quest.[60] Not too long ago, he told a Rito bard many things about Daruk,[61] such as the power of the Boulder Breaker.[62] He describes how Daruk carved out the valley at Gortram Cliff in a single using the Boulder Breaker,[63] all so that the Gorons could reach their Rock Roast.[64] In addition, he told the bard another story that he seemed to like, but Bludo himself does not think it represents Daruk well.[65]

Link can also ask Bludo where Yunobo is. Bludo responds that, as he usually does, he is staring into the distance on top of the entrance gate to Goron City.[66] At night, he reasons that Yunobo has likely gone to sleep in his Bed.[67] He notes that Yunobo is acting more confident than he used to,[68] and he wonders if he is starting to realize what it means to be descended from Daruk.[69]

Tears of the Kingdom

Link first meets Bludo when speaking with him after entering Goron City for the first time, watching a Goron lazily lying around while under the effects of Marbled Rock Roast with Slergo and Offrak. He begins to explain to Link about the Marbled Rock Roast but is interrupted by Yunobo, who is wearing a Strange Mask. He threatens Slergo and Offrak as well as telling Bludo he has no power, as YunoboCo is in charge. When Link explains to Yunobo that Princess Zelda has gone missing, Slergo and Offrak briefly spectulate whether she is the "lady with the blonde hair" after Bludo states it is hard to miss Zelda with her pretty blonde locks before Yunobo tells them to "shut their yap is they know what's good for them."


  • Bludo is one of several characters that will hit Link back if he attacks them with a Weapon.[70] These attacks deal no damage. Uniquely, Bludo is one of the only ones who does not wield a Weapon of his own.


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Bludo (BotW)
  • ブルドー (Burudō) (BotW)
  • ブルドー (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
布爾多 (Bùěrduō) (BotW | TotK)
The People's Republic of China
布尔多 (Bùěrduō) (BotW | TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Bludo (BotW)
Buldo (BotW | TotK)
The French Republic
Buldo (BotW | TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
Bludo (BotW | TotK)
The Italian Republic
Bludo (BotW | TotK)
The Republic of Korea
브루도 (TotK)
Latin America
Gorobu (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
Gorobu (BotW | TotK)
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