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Fireproof Elixirs are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW | TotK)[1][name references needed]

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Fireproof Elixirs will grant Link Flame Guard when drunk, preventing him from catching fire in a Scorching Climate.[1] They're useful when traversing Death Mountain.[1]

Two merchants sell Fireproof Elixirs. Gaile, a worker at Foothill Stable, has them available for travelers heading to Goron City.[2] She suggests taking at least three, as this is what regular Goron City travelers do.[3] One elixir costs 60 Rupees, two cost 110 Rupees, and three cost 150 Rupees.[4] If Link refuses to buy, Gaile advises him to give up on Goron City.[5] Once Link has at least three, she'll tell him he's ready to head to Goron City.[6]

In Goron City, Link can speak to Offrak, who will ask if he needs a Fireproof Elixir.[7] If Link admits that he does, Offrak will offer to sell him one for 60 Rupees.[8] Link can refuse, causing Offrak to become angry and say he shouldn't come crying to him when he's on fire.[9] Offrak will attempt to coerce Link into buying more, saying a Hylian will need it.[10] Once Link stops buying, Offrak comments under his breath that Link could easily make his own.[11]

Fireproof Elixirs can be made by Cooking any of the following critters with Monster Parts in a Cooking Pot:

Tears of the Kingdom


Names in Other Regions
燃えず薬 (Moezu kusuri) 
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
防火藥 (Fánghuǒ yào) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Drankje (brandwerend)[12]Drink (Fire Resistant)
The French Republic
Remède ignifus 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Pozione ignifuga 
The Republic of Korea
방염 물약 (Bangyeom mullyak) 
The Russian Federation
Пожарное зелье (Pozharnoye zelʹye) 
Latin America
Elixir ignífugo 
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