Divine Beast Vah Rudania (Quest)

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This article is about the Main Quest in Breath of the Wild. For other uses, see Divine Beast Vah Rudania (Disambiguation).

Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Quest Giver Bludo
Location Goron City
Next Quest
"The Jewel Trade"

"Divine Beast Vah Rudania" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


In Goron City, Link is able to speak to the Boss of the Gorons, Bludo, who is cursing Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[2] When Link asks what the problem is, Bludo explains that the Divine Beast has been worsening the eruptions from Death Mountain with its rampage.[3] He points it out to Link,[4] revealing that it was supposed to protect the Gorons 100 years ago.[5] As of late, however, it has been disrupting the mining operations of the Goron Group Mining Company.[6] Bludo has been using his Cannons to drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania away, but it always returns.[7] His anger over this fact causes his back pain to flare up,[8] though he writes it off to Link.[9]

Realizing that he does not know Link, Bludo asks who he is.[10] If Link explains that he is a traveler, Bludo is honored that he came so far to pay his respects.[11] He introduces himself to Link as the Goron Boss.[12] While he was planning on driving Divine Beast Vah Rudania away again, he has put his plans on hold due to his back pain.[13] Quietly, he wonders when Yunobo will return.[14]

When Link asks who Yunobo is, Bludo explains that he helps him with sending Divine Beast Vah Rudania away.[15] Yunobo set off to the Abandoned North Mine to retrieve painkillers for Bludo, but he has yet to return.[16] He believes that Yunobo may be slacking off somewhere.[17] Should Link encounter Yunobo, Bludo asks that he be sent back to him.[18] Once again, his back pain flares up.[19] When he is done speaking, the Main Quest will begin.

At the entrance to the Abandoned North Mine, Link can ask Drak if he knows where Yunobo is. Initially, he is suspicious as to why a stranger is asking about Yunobo.[20] When Link explains that he is searching on Bludo's behalf, Drak realizes that Yunobo never came back from the Vault at the back of the Mine.[21]

To enter the Abandoned North Mine, Link will need at least two levels of Flame Guard. This can be acquired by wearing two pieces of Fireproof Armor or by drinking Fireproof Elixirs. Link can navigate the Mine by using the Cannons to destroy the boulders throughout, which will create Updrafts that Link can float in with his Paraglider. After blasting away the rubble blocking the Vault entrance, Link will be able to reach Yunobo inside.

A screenshot of Yunobo inside the Vault. Text on-screen displays his name, along with the title "Goron Youth".
Yunobo's introduction

As Link approaches him, Yunobo will be worrying about being trapped.[22] When he notices Link, he thinks he is a monster and begins to panic,[23] but he calms down once he realizes Link is a Hylian.[24] He thanks Link for breaking the rock and rescuing him,[25] but he asks why he is all the way out in the Abandoned North Mine.[26] When Link says he was searching for him, Yunobo realizes that Bludo must have sent him.[27]

Yunobo properly introduces himself to Link,[28] explaining that he got caught in the Vault after a Magma Bomb caused a rockslide.[29] He asks how he was able to break the rocks,[30] but he is shocked to hear that Link was able to use Bludo's Cannons.[31] Remembering that he needs to deliver the painkillers,[32] Yunobo will run back to the Boss's House, though he suggests seeking a reward from Bludo.[33]

Bludo is happy to see Link return,[34] explaining that Yunobo told him how he saved him.[35] Since he believes Hylians need to be rewarded, he gives him three Fireproof Elixirs.[36] Now that he has taken his painkillers, Bludo is ready to drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania away with Yunobo.[37] While he does not wish to disrespect Daruk's legacy, he is eager to beat up the Divine Beast.[38] Shocked that Link does not know who Daruk is,[39] Bludo points out the Goron Stone Memorial, which depicts Daruk overlooking Goron City.[40] Looking at the statue initiates the "Daruk's Mettle" Recovered Memory.

After the Mempory, Bludo calls Link strange and informs him that Yunobo is descended from Daruk.[41] For this reason, he is able to use Daruk's Protection,[42] which is useful when Bludo launches him at Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[43]

Done chatting, Bludo decides to go help Yunobo drive off Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[44] However, his back pain acts up yet again.[45] When Link asks if he is okay, Bludo grumpily reveals that he is not.[46] Due to his pain, he is forced to delay his encounter with the Divine Beast.[47] He sends Link to find Yunobo, who has gone on ahead to the Bridge of Eldin, and tell him the news.[48]

At the Bridge, Link finds Yunobo being attacked by a pair of Black Moblins, using Daruk's Protection to protect himself.[49] Once Link has saved him, Yunobo will comment on how strong he is.[50] When Link approaches Yunobo, he thanks him again for helping,[51] but he wonders where Bludo is.[52] He is shocked to hear that Bludo has cancelled,[53] but hearing that his pain has continued makes him anxious.[54] Without Bludo, Yunobo sees no way that they can continue,[55] but Link refuses to give up.[56] He is shocked that Link wants to board the Divine Beast.[57] Though he supposes it should be possible if it were weakened beforehand.[58] Yunobo does not understand Link's reasoning.[59]

Yunobo informs Link that he can not reach Divine Beast Vah Rudania without crossing the Bridge of Eldin, which was raised by Bludo to protect Goron City.[60] They will have to find a way to lower the Bridge in order to continue,[61] as Bludo is not there to use his Cannon.[62] Suddenly, Yunobo remembers that Link was able to use the Cannons beforehand,[63] which means they have a way to cross.[64] Yunobo suggests Link launch him from the Cannon to lower the Eldin.[65] When Link expresses concern, Yunobo assures him that Daruk's Protection will keep him safe.[66] Since he was safe, he encourages Link to shoot him towards the Bridge of Eldin,[67] at which point he jumps into the Cannon.

After firing Yunobo, the Bridge of Eldin will be lowered. Though he is disoriented, Yunobo cheers on Link for the work they did together.[68] He also comments that Daruk's Protection did a good job at keeping him safe.[69] Now that they have a way up Death Mountain, Yunobo decides they need to keep going.[70]

A screenshot of Sentries exiting Divine Beast Vah Rudania.
Divine Beast Vah Rudania deploying its Sentries

As Link and Yunobo begin their ascent of Death Mountain, Divine Beast Vah Rudania deploys Sentries to hinder their progress.[71] The Sentries shine spotlights along the mountain path which, should Link or Yunobo be caught, will cause Vah Rudania to furiously unleash Magma Bombs at them.[72] Without Bludo, Yunobo is unsure how they will avoid the Bombs.[73] He decides that Link should use a signal for when he wants Yunobo to stop or follow him,[74] eventually settling on whistling.[75][note 1] Though he likens it to calling a Horse,[79] he still decides to go along with it.[80]

The pair scale Death Mountain together. Link can either sneak past the Sentries and call Yunobo forward at key times, or he can destroy them to guarantee a clear path. Along the way, they come upon three Cannons that they can use to fire Yunobo at Divine Beast Vah Rudania, though each one is guarded by two Black Moblins. When they have landed the first shot, Yunobo believes they will be able to corner the Divine Beast.[81] Once Yunobo has been shot out again, he will cheer about a direct hit and the fact that Daruk's Protection kept him safe.[82] After using the third Cannon, Vah Rudania becomes disabled and falls into Death Mountain}'s crater.

Looking down from the crater's edge, Yunobo remarks how cool Link was.[83] Yunobo decides it is their chance to infiltrate Divine Beast Vah Rudania,[84] but after Link glides inside, he fails to follow.

Once Link activates the Sheikah Slate Terminal at the entrance to Divine Beast Vah Rudania, its Travel Gate will be registered.[85] Link then hears the voice of Daruk, who is happy to see him after so long.[86] He always knew Link would return,[87] and he guesses he has come to reclaim Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[88] To help him, Daruk suggests he retrieve a Map from the Divine Beast's Guidance Stone.[89]

When Link places his Sheikah Slate under the Guidance Stone, it will authenticate the object and distill a Map for him.[90] In addition, it also grants him a limited control over Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[91] Daruk congratulates him for doing so,[92] before he directs Link to the glowing points on the Map, which represent the Terminals needed to control Vah Rudania.[93] Daruk assures Link that he has got this,[94] just before the sunlights open, allowing light inside.

Every time Link activates a Terminal, it will authenticate his Sheikah Slate.[95] After one Terminal has been activated, Daruk will cheer Link on for his progress.[96] When two Terminals are active, Daruk encourages Link to keep going.[97] With three active Terminals, Daruk informs Link that he is almost there.[98] Daruk will be eager when there is only one Terminal left.[99] Once the final Terminal has been activated, Daruk will send Link to the Main Control Unit, which is marked by a new glowing point on the Map.[100]

When Link attempts to activate the Main Control Unit, Malice will begin to swirl around it. He is suddenly confronted by Fireblight Ganon, which materializes behind him. Daruk warns him to be careful, as it is a creation of Calamity Ganon.[101] It caused his death 100 years ago,[102] but he wishes Link luck and cheers him on in his battle.[103]

A screenshot of Daruk as a Spirit on top of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Text on-screen displays his name, along with the title "Goron Champion".
Daruk's introduction

Once Fireblight Ganon has been defeated, the Malice surrounding the Main Control Unit will disappear and a Heart Container will drop. After activated the Main Control Unit, Daruk's spirit will appear behind Link to congratulate him on his work.[104] He thanks Link for helping free his spirit,[105] before he awkwardly apologizes for failing his duty 100 years ago.[106] Now, though, he is back in control of Divine Beast Vah Rudania, and he can finally contribute to the plan to defeat Calamity Ganon.[107] Daruk plans on piloting the Divine Beast down Death Mountain, where he will have better aim at Ganon.[108] When Link infiltrates Hyrule Castle, he plans on making his attack on Calamity Ganon.[109]

Daruk reveals to Link that he wants to give him Daruk's Protection, which he believes could be useful to him.[110] He creates a glowing red orb between his hands, which shoots forward into Link's chest. With it, Link is able to create a barrier around himself. Daruk declares that his power will live on inside of Link.[111] As Link begins to disappear, Daruk wishes him luck and asks that he pass on his regards to Zelda.[112]

Daruk pilots Divine Beast Vah Rudania onto the edge of Death Mountain's crater, where Yunobo watches on. The Divine Beast takes aim at Hyrule Castle, and Daruk remarks that they now have to wait for their time to strike.[113] He reiterates his plan to attack after Link has made it inside the Castle,[114] though he is especially excited to get his revenge on Calamity Ganon.[115] Even after a century has passed, Daruk notices that Hyrule is looking good.[116] As he looks down on Goron City, Daruk wonders if the Gorons have been doing well since the Great Calamity.[117] His musings are cut off when he notices Yunobo nearby, who gasps in wonder. Seeing him, Daruk realizes that the Gorons are still strong,[118] and he raises a fist in acknowledgement of his descendant. Yunobo stands excitedly, cheering and waving at Daruk.

Back in Goron City, Yunobo thanks Link for appeasing the Divine Beast.[119] He mentions his encounter with Daruk to Link,[120] which he has explained help him feel braver.[121] Suddenly, he remembers that Bludo sent him to find Link after hearing what he had done.[122]

At the Boss's House, Bludo congratulates Link for ending Divine Beast Vah Rudania's rampage.[123] However, he expresses annoyance that it only happened once his back pain disappeared,[124] as it now looks as though he were lying to get out of work.[125] Despite this, he is happy that this experience has managed to help Yunobo mature.[126] Bludo points out Divine Beast Vah Rudania on top of Death Mountain,[127] explaining that it is peaceful once again.[128] Now, the Gorons will be able to resume mining operations near Death Mountain.[129]

Bludo remembers that he has to thank Link,[130] allowing him to take the contents of a Treasure Chest inside his House.[131] He explains that Daruk once wielded the blade inside.[132] After Bludo has finished speaking, the Main Quest will be completed, and Link can retrieve the Boulder Breaker.


Stage Description
1 Bludo, Boss of Goron City, wants to challenge the marauding Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but his backache is too severe.

What's worse, Yunobo has yet to return from the Abandoned North Mine with the painkillers he was sent to fetch.
2 You met Drak in the Abandoned North Mine, who told you that Yunobo left for the vault deep in its reaches. That's the last anyone has seen of Yunobo...

Mount a search operation for Yunobo, who was headed for the vault.
3 You met Yunobo in the Abandoned North Mine.

Yunobo hurried back to Goron City to deliver the painkillers Bludo needs for his backache.

You should go speak to Bludo to collect your reward.
4 Bludo thanked you for helping Yunobo. After taking the painkillers, Bludo was about to go challenge Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but then his back started hurting again. No one will be challenging the Divine Beast today, it seems.

Yunobo has already gone ahead to the Bridge of Eldin, so you must meet him there to let him know about this change of plans.
5 You helped Yunobo fend off monsters at the Bridge of Eldin before telling him that Bludo's plan had been called off.

You still need to get inside the Divine Beast somehow, though... The best way forward may be to lower the Bridge of Eldin.
6 Yunobo used Daruk's Protection to act as a cannonball. The Bridge of Eldin has been lowered!

All you need to do now is to cross the Bridge of Eldin and drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater.
7 Sentries now patrol Death Mountain to eliminate intruders.

Avoid their notice as you lead Yunobo to the cannons to drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater.
8 Defeating Fireblight Ganon freed the spirit of Daruk, Champion of the Goron race. He has piloted the Divine Beast to the summit of Death Mountain in preparation for the assault on Ganon.

Seeing this, a relieved Yunobo returned to his home in Goron City. You should go there and tell Bludo all that has happened.
Complete You reported your success in restoring the Divine Beast Vah Rudania to its true self. Peace has finally returned to Goron City.

In addition, you received the Champion Daruk's might and can now use Daruk's Protection.


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  1. Link can also suggest using a wink or mind powers. If he suggests mind powers, Yunobo will be excited that Hylians are capable of such a thing.[76] However, when Link fails to transmit a message,[77] Yunobo becomes frustrated.[78]


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