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The Level Selection screen,(TFH)[1] also known as the Level Select screen,(LCT)[2] and the Level Select Screen,(LCT)[3] is a recurring menu in The Legend of Zelda series.


Tri Force Heroes

The Level Selection menus appear when the Links gather on a Triforce Gateway inside Hytopia Castle. It is where they select which Area and Level they wish to enter, and optionally, which Drablands Challenge to attempt.

The first menu features a graphic of the Drablands on the top screen, with each locked Area obscured by clouds. Small icons of the Links raising their Swords appear next to the Area selected by each. On the touchscreen is a list of Areas available for selection; unknown Areas appear as "???" and cannot be selected. In the event that Link has visited a locked Area (by way of the other Links selecting it), its name will appear on the list, though it remains unselectable.

When playing online with "unknown heroes", this first menu appears before the Links gather. This allows players to only be matched with others who are visiting the same Area.

The second menu is for selecting a Level. The top screen features a preview image of the selected Level, a list of the Items that the Links will use, and a list of the specific Materials awarded for completing the Level, along with the number of Materials already owned. If Drablands Challenges are available, then the list of Materials will show all possible rewards for the various Challenges.

The third menu is for selecting a Drablands Challenge, if they are available. It looks and functions the same as the previous menu, except that the list of Materials are specific to each Challenge. The first option in this menu is always "No challenge". Following this menu is the Pick an Outfit menu.

When playing a Multiplayer game, each menu of Level Selection includes a 30-second time limit before the highlighted option is automatically selected, as well as an "I can't decide!" option, which defers the selection to the other players in the following manner:

  • If one player selects "I can't decide!", their selection will randomly match one of the other players'.
  • If two players select "I can't decide!", their selections will both match the third player's.
  • If all three players select "I can't decide!", they will each make a random selection.
  • If the selections are not unanimous, one will be chosen by a roulette system.[4]

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

The Level Select menu can be accessed by the player after selecting the Score Attack option in the Title Screen.[5] They will then be shown the Player Select menu. Once the player chooses their save file, they will be transported to the Level Select menu.[6] Upon entering the Level Select menu for the first time, only Levels one through three will be available. More Levels will unlock if Link earns a Medal on the previous Level.[7] Earning a Medal on Level 1 or Level 2 will not unlock any Levels. The Levels appear as labeled Targets in two rows in the menu, with Levels one through five on the top and six through the Finale on the bottom. Any Medals Link earns on a Level will be displayed under the Target option for that Level. Selecting any Target will allow the player to start the Level.[8] The player can return to the Player Select menu by selecting the button in the bottom right of the Level Select menu. In the top right corner of the Level Select menu, the player can view the Best Scores menu, where the player can see which player has the highest score on any Level.


Names in Other Regions
Écran de Sélection du Niveau[10]Level Selection Screen
Latin America
Pantalla de Selección de Niveles[9]Level Selection Screen
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