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For the item in Tears of the Kingdom, see Energy Cell.

The Energy Gauge is a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed][1]


A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the Energy Gauge is obtained along with the Bow from Ravio. The Energy Gauge is drained whenever Link uses an Item, or slowly drains over time while Wall Merged.[2][3] If the gauge depletes fully, Link cannot use any Items and will be forced out of Wall Merging.[4]

The Energy Gauge replaces the need for Arrows or other ammunition in the series, and instead gives Link an infinite amount of ammo while the gauge isn't depleted. The Energy Gauge can be refilled by picking up Energy Potions inside of purple Jars, or will gradually replenish itself over time. The gauge's maximum energy can also be increased by obtaining the Stamina Scroll in the Ice Ruins.

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, the Energy Gear Outfit increases the Energy Gauge size for the Link who wears it, while the Cheer Outfit increases the Energy Gauge for the other Links on his team. Both Outfits provide the same effect in a single-player game.


  • In early versions of A Link Between Worlds, the Energy Gauge was green instead of purple, similar to a Magic Meter. It also featured a hexagonal shape instead of a round one. In Tri Force Heroes, the A Link Between Worlds Energy Gauge was also used in early versions of the game. It was later slightly redesigned.


Names in Other Regions
がんばりゲージ (Ganbari Gēji) (ALBW | TFH)[7][8] 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Energiemeter (ALBW)[11] 
Jauge d'endurance (ALBW | TFH)[17][18] 
The French Republic
Jauge d'endurance (ALBW | TFH)[9][10] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Ausdauerbalken (ALBW | TFH)[12][13] 
The Italian Republic
Barra dell'energia (ALBW | TFH)[5][6]Same as English.
The Republic of Korea
노력 게이지 (Nolyeog Geiji) (TFH)[14]Effort Gauge
The Portuguese Republic
Barra de Energia (ALBW)[11] 
The Russian Federation
Шкала энергии (Shkala energii) (ALBW)[11] 
Latin America
  • indicador de vigor (ALBW)[16]
  • Indicador de vigor (TFH)[15]
The Kingdom of Spain
  • barra de vigor (ALBW)[19]
  • Barra de vigor (TFH)[20]
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