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The Fire Gloves are an incendiary Item in Tri Force Heroes.[1]

Location and Uses

When used, the Fire Gloves create a fireball that can either be thrown forward, or held in front of the Links as a fire shield, which gradually drains his Energy Gauge.[2] The Fire Gloves' fireballs bounce along the ground and ricochet off of walls. They are used to light Torches, burn bushes, and damage enemies. Objects and enemies of the ice element, such as ice crystals and Freezards, can only be melted using the Fire Gloves, while others, like Snowballs and Ice Wizzrobes, are highly susceptible to the Item, but can still be destroyed by other means. Freezlord, the boss of Snowball Ravine, can only be damaged with fire, making the Fire Gloves invaluable during the fight against it.

The Fire Gloves first appear in the Frozen Plateau, in which all three Links acquire them. The Item reappears in Snowball Ravine (two pairs), Ice Temple, Gibdo Mausoleum, Palace Noir, Lone Labyrinth, Grim Temple, and Sky Temple (one pair per Stage). The Fire Gloves also appear in the Forest Zone, Frozen Zone, Shadow Zone and Baneful Zone of the Den of Trials, as well as the Coliseum's Ice Cavern, Fortress and The Ruins arenas.

The effects of the Fire Gloves are improved while wearing the Fire Blazer. This Outfit allows the Links to throw three fireballs at once instead of one, the first being larger than the following two.




Names in Other Regions
ファイアグローブ (Faia Gurōbu)[4]Fire Gloves
Gants de feu[9] 
The French Republic
Gants de feu[6] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
guanti del fuoco[3] 
The Republic of Korea
파이어 글러브 (Paieo Geulleobeu)[7]Fire Glove
Latin America
Guantes de fuego[8] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Guantes de Fuego[10] 
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