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Hourglasses are Objects in Tri Force Heroes.[1]

Locations and Uses

Hourglasses are exclusively found in timed Drablands Challenges, granting the Links extra time when collected. Two types of Hourglasses exist: small Hourglasses and large Hourglasses, each granting an additional 5 and 20 seconds respectively. While a Link is wearing the Linebeck's Uniform during the challenge, any Hourglasses collected by that Link will give a 50% boost to the amount of time received; thus, small Hourglasses grant 7.5 seconds while large Hourglasses grant 30 seconds each.

Any time gained with Hourglasses remains with the Links if they faint, while the Hourglasses in the Level are reset, allowing for considerably more supplemental time to be obtained at the cost of a Fairy if done properly.



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