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Not to be confused with the Great Deku Tree.

The Great Tree is massive tree in the center of Faron Woods in Skyward Sword.[1]

Features and Overview

As its name suggests, the Great Tree is the giant tree that dwarfs the other trees in Faron Woods. The tree is so large, in fact, that its interior houses many rooms. It becomes accessible once Link completes Farore's Silent Realm and obtains the Water Dragon's Scale. With the Water Dragon's Scale, Link is able to swim underwater where the entrance to the tree is found. After swimming through a submerged tunnel filled with roots, Link emerges Inside the Great Tree.

The Inside of the Great Tree appears to be as large as the main hub of a dungeon and is home to several varieties of flora. It has a blueish hue to its bark and is filled with a pool of water at the bottom. To get around the interior of the tree, Link has to jump across the various hanging platforms while moving them with his Gust Bellows.

After successfully overcoming the obstacles within the tree, Link emerges from an exit near the tree's canopy, where a Bird Statue can be activated. From here, Link navigates a path that follows the perimeter of the trunk of the tree. To scale the tree, Link has to climb the many vines growing on the trunk of the Great Tree. At the top of the tree on a lone branch sits the Kikwi Hermit, Yerbal, who can be heard snoring as Link journeys to the top.[2] Yerbal tells Link where the entrance to Lake Floria is located at in Faron Woods.[3]


Minor Enemies


  • The Bird Statue situated in the heights of the tree is the only one that has two different names in English. The statue's proper name is "The Great Tree;" however, during the time Faron Woods is flooded, the statue is misnamed "Great Tree Top" for no apparent reason.


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The Federal Republic of Germany
Auf dem Baum (SS)On the Tree
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