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Mystical Trees are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2] They serve as warp destinations and can be found throughout Holodrum and Labrynna. Each Tree is named for the type of Mystical Seed it bears.

Location and Uses

File:Ember Tree Winter.png
An Ember Tree in Winter

Mystical Trees take centuries to reach maturity from the seedling stage.[3] When fully grown, the tree's foliage mimics its seed in shape. In Oracle of Seasons, each Mystical Tree only produces seeds during a specific season. The Mystery and Gale Trees produce seeds in summer, Scent Trees produce in spring, and Pegasus Trees, in autumn. Oddly enough, Ember Trees produce seeds in winter.

Link merely needs to swipe at the seeds with his sword to harvest them from the tree. He cannot obtain any seeds without having first acquired a Seed Satchel. Once harvested, a tree won't produce seeds for a while. With the exception of Ember Seeds—which come with the satchel—Mystical Seeds are first obtained from their respective trees. Afterwards, they can be obtained through other means (killing enemies, lifting jars, cutting grass, etc.). Whenever Link comes across a tree for the first time, it becomes a warp point; Link can use Gale Seeds to travel back to it whenever he pleases.[4]

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, there are eight Mystical Trees in total. The majority of them exist in the past and disappear in the present; Mystery Trees and Pegasus Trees become extinct altogether. A couple of trees appear uniquely in the present. The Ember Tree south of Lynna City and the Gale Tree above Zora Village survive through the ages and exist in both the past and the present. In one case, Link gets to plant a Scent Tree in the past on Crescent Island. The Scent Seedling, obtained by completing the Wild Tokay challenge, must be planted in the "tree nursery" on the island.[5] When Link returns to the present, the tree will be fully grown and so he can harvest its Scent Seeds. He can only warp to the tree in the present time period.

After the completion of Skull Dungeon in a Linked Game, an old woman with the Clock Shop Secret appears next to the Ember Tree south of Lynna City. After completing the following dungeon, Crown Dungeon, a Subrosian appears next to the Mystery Tree on Rolling Ridge in the past. This character will tell Link the Smith Secret.

Oracle of Seasons

Mystical Trees are less numerous in Oracle of Seasons as there are only six of them in total. There are two Gale Trees; the rest are the only trees of their kind in all of Holodrum. These Mystical Trees differ from their Labrynnian kin in that they each produce seeds during a different season. Scent, Pegasus, and Ember Trees produce seeds in spring, autumn, and winter respectively. Both Mystery and Gale Trees produce seeds in summer.

Non-Canon Appearances

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

In the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa, a girl named Roperi takes care of a sprout she grew from the seed Sir Raven gave her, unaware that the sprout is in fact a young Mystery Tree. The Mystery Tree's sprout is first shown as Roperi dances around with it in excitement that it grew.[6] Roperi is rarely away from the Mystery Tree sprout and carries it around with her protectively. When Link greets her,[7] Roperi tries to avoid him and trips, dropping the Mystery Tree's pot at the same time.[8] Roperi cries and blames Link for the sprout's fate until he quickly scoops it back into the pot and gives it back to her.[9][10] While Sir Raven and Link examine the Black Tower, Roperi holds the Mystery Tree sprout to the massive structure and says it is taller than the tower.[11]

Later Roperi stares at her Mystery Tree sprout and shows her mother the bud that sprouted.[12] The girl says how she hopes her father will be home in time to see the flower blossom.[13] When Ramrock comes to destroy the Hidden Village,[14] Roperi runs out in front of it to protect the crops with the sprout cradled in her arms.[15] Link saves her and defeats the monster but the villagers are soon forced into hiding when Queen Ambi's army overruns the settlement. Roperi hides with her plant and the villagers in a cave. It is here that Nayru reveals the sprout to be a Mystery Tree.[16] Using her power of time, the oracle speeds the sprout's growth so it produces a Mystery Seed,[17] the sorceress Veran's fatal weakness.[18] The Mystery Seed reverts Veran to her true form, leading to her eventual defeat.


  • Even though they appear to be deciduous, Mystical Trees do not shed their leaves in winter in Oracle of Seasons. In fact, it seems they don't enter any kind of dormancy during the winter season despite the lack of warmth, as Ember Trees produce seeds exclusively in winter.


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Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Seasons


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