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The Wild Tokay is a Mini-Game in Oracle of Ages.[1]


The Wild Tokay is located inside a cave on the eastern end of Crescent Island in the past.[2] The entrance to the cave is originally blocked by boulders, which can be blown away with Bombs. The proprietor of the mini-game is a orange Tokay, the only one of his kind. In the present, the mini-game is replaced by the Wild Tokay Museum.


In the Wild Tokay challenge, Link stands in a ring while Tokay pass by on either side. Link must throw meat falling down from above to each of the Tokay. If Link misses one Tokay, the game ends. If Link throws meat to every Tokay, including the final red Tokay, he wins the game.[3]

The main prize for winning the Wild Tokay is the Scent Seedling, which can be planted in the "tree nursery" on Crescent Island.[4] In the present, the seedling will grow into a Scent Tree, allowing Link to gather his first Scent Seeds. With the seeds, Link is able to buy back some items that were stolen from him when he arrived at the island. As such, completing the Wild Tokay is necessary in order to progress further in the game.

Afterwards, Link can play the Wild Tokay for Rupees, Gasha Seeds, and unappraised Magic Rings. The game gets increasingly difficult every time Link successfully completes the challenge.

In the present, the Wild Tokay's hall is replaced with the Wild Tokay Museum.


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