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The Seed Shooter is an Item in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Location and Uses

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Seed Shooter
Use this weapon to shoot your Mystical Seeds at distant objects and enemies. The seeds can ricochet off of walls and other objects to travel even further.

It is found in the third dungeon, the Moonlit Grotto. The Seed Shooter's function is similar to the Slingshot in Oracle of Seasons and various other Zelda games, except that the Mystical Seeds shot from it can go in eight directions, and they will bounce off walls and some other objects. A fired seed will disperse on its third bounce, or after hitting a certain object, such as a torch, or an enemy. It is also capable of firing seeds diagonally, making the seeds bounce around corners. This allows Link to hit various targets, which is necessary to solve various puzzles.

Other Appearances

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

The Seed Shooter is called the Pea Shooter in the manga, since it is translated from Japanese. It is held by a young boy hiding from Queen Ambi's soldiers in a cave. He tells Roperi not to worry about soldiers because he will beat them with it.[2] Roperi says the Shooter will not be enough.[3] When Roperi's Mystery Tree sapling produces a Mystery Seed,[4] Link takes the Shooter with him to the Black Tower, where Ralph is preparing to kill his ancestor Queen Ambi to destroy Veran. Link says he will not let Ralph throw away his existence and shoots the seed,[5] forcing Veran from Queen Ambi's body.


Names in Other Regions
まめでっぽう (Mame Deppou)[7]Pea Shooter
The Italian Republic
Sparasemi[6]Same as English.
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