Find the Fairy Fountain

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Find the Fairy Fountain

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Quest Giver Pikango
Location Kakariko Village

"Find the Fairy Fountain" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link can receive this Main Quest by restoring the Camera Rune to the Sheikah Slate. Pikango has heard of a Great Fairy Fountain near Kakariko Village that is beautiful and can bestow people with a mysterious power.[2] Through his research, he found a place that he believes to be suspicious.[3][4] However, he can not find the Fountain in the area,[5] and he has difficulty getting there.[6] If Link has spoken to him before, Pikango states that nothing is better than tracking down a perfect view and asks if he understands.[7] If Link has not spoken to him, Pikango expresses a desire to see a Picture of the Fountain.[8]

When Link agrees with Pikango's sentiment or offers to help him, he is relieved that someone else appreciates beauty.[9] He asks Link if he wants to come with to investigate the location,[10] telling him to follow along.[11] At this point, the "Find the Fairy Fountain" Main Quest activates.

Just past Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, Pikango becomes exhausted and can no longer continue.[12] He tells Link that the Great Fairy Fountain should be along the path going past from the Ancient Shrine.[13] Pikango decides that he should rest, sending Link ahead.[14][15] He reminds Link to take a Picture of the Great Fairy Fountain if he finds it.[16][17]

Once Link reaches Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain, he can take a Picture to show to Pikango. When Link returns, Pikango shares his hope to see the Fountain one day.[18] Pikango is shocked to hear that Link has found it and demands to see the Picture.[19] However, when he sees the Picture, Pikango is disappointed that it is not as sacred and elegant as he thought it would be.[20] He is still impressed that Link found it, though.[21]

While Pikango wants to give Link a reward, he does not have anything on him.[22] He offers to help Link find a place he has been looking for, since he has been all over Hyrule.[23] Link shows Pikango one of the Pictures that Zelda left on the Sheikah Slate's Album, which he recognizes as a gate at the base of Mount Lanayru, on the west side of the Naydra Snowfield.[24] He the asks Link if he was useful.[25] This completes the Main Quest.


Stage Description
1 Pikango really wants to see the entrancing Great Fairy Fountain behind Kakariko Village, but all of his efforts to search for it have been stymied.

If you find the fountain, surely Pikango would appreciate proof of its location.
Complete You took a picture of the Great Fairy Fountain Pikango was looking for and showed it to him.


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