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Regional Phenomena

Quest Giver Purah
Location Lookout Landing

"Regional Phenomena" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


During the "Crisis at Hyrule Castle" Main Quest, Purah asks Link to start investigating the strange phenomena that has appeared throughout Hyrule as part of the Upheaval, believing that it could help them locate Princess Zelda.[2] After he has activated the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and collected its Map data, Purah asks to see his Purah Pad.[3] Using the Map, she directs him to the four Regions that have been reported issues, these being Hebra, Eldin, Lanayru, and Gerudo.[4] She suspects that by investigating these phenomena, they can learn more about where Zelda could be.[5] Josha claims to have heard that Zelda was sighted near Rito Village recently, which Purah thinks could be credible.[6] After their conversation, "Regional Phenomena" will start.

In order to complete "Regional Phenomena", Link must first finish the following Main Quests:

During each of these Main Quests, Link will encounter an individual who appears to be Zelda causing the Region's disasters.[7][8] As he awakens the Sages, their predecessors show him visions featuring an ancient Sage of Time that resembles Zelda as well.[9][10][11][12] When Link solves the phenomena plaguing a Region, their leaders pledge to send reinforcements to Lookout Landing to help aid in the search for Zelda.[13][14][15]

A screenshot of the floating portion of Hyrule Castle during a Blood Moon. A figure that appears to be Princess Zelda stands on, the Sanctum visible behind her.
The impostor Zelda outside Hyrule Castle

Once all four of these Main Quests have been completed, Link will be directed to return to Lookout Landing and report his findings to Purah.[16][17][18] Upon his return, Link can hear rumors that Zelda has been seen near Hyrule Castle.[19][20] He can then find Purah looking through the Telescope on top of her Research Lab. When spoken to, she commends him for solving the problems that the Regions were facing.[21] She believes that the individual who resembles Zelda is related to the Upheaval, and although she has something to share with Link, she is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Blood Moon.[22] Looking back through her Telescope, Purah spots something and tells Link to look.[23] When he does so, he can see Zelda outside of Hyrule Castle's Sanctum. Purah is shocked, but as the Blood Moon ends, Zelda disappears in a cloud of Gloom.[24]

After the Blood Moon ends, Purah reveals that she saw the person who resembles Zelda at Hyrule Castle, and instead of disappearing, it seems like she retreated inside.[25] She declares that they must rescue her, but since Link is the only individual capable of reaching Hyrule Castle, he is forced to go after her alone.[26] She asks him to come back safely with Zelda.[27] At this point, "Regional Phenomena" will be completed, and "Crisis at Hyrule Castle" will continue.


Stage Description
1 Purah has directed your search for Princess Zelda into four regions that each suffer under a strange phenomenon: Hebra (northwest), Eldin (northeast), Gerudo (southwest), and Lanayru (east).

Josha heard a rumor that the princess might have been seen in Rito Village off in Hebra.
2 Purah suggested investigating the major phenomena in various regions as a next step in the search for Princess Zelda.

There are three more regions where these strange phenomena are happening.
3 Purah suggested investigating the major phenomena in various regions as a next step in the search for Princess Zelda.

There are two more regions where these strange phenomena are happening.
4 Purah suggested investigating the major phenomena in various regions as a next step in the search for Princess Zelda.

There is only one more region that is suffering under a strange phenomenon.
5 You investigated the four regions that were troubled by strange phenomena, hoping to find clues about Princess Zelda. She appeared each time. And so did someone who looked a lot like her in the ancient memories you saw via the secret stones. Maybe Purah can make sense of this. She's waiting at Lookout Landing.
Complete You investigated the four regions that were troubled by strange phenomena, and the secret stones awakened the four sages.

When you went to report the investigation results and sightings of Princess Zelda to Purah, Princess Zelda suddenly appeared at Hyrule Castle along with a blood moon.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
调查四地区的异变 (Diàochá sì dìqū de yì biàn)[28]
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