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The Stable Association is a recurring group in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Breath of the Wild

The Stable Association refers to the collective of Stables found throughout Hyrule Kingdom. It was established by Epona Co. with the purpose of aiding travelers on their journeys.[3] They do this by registering and boarding Horses, in addition to serving as Inns.[3] The Association also plays a part in wildlife conservation, which they fund with Horse-registration fees.[4] These fees include the purchase of Stable Gear.[4]

Stables that are part of the Stable Association are expected to abide by several regulations.[1] One of these includes having a staff member dedicated to giving directions to travelers.[1] Stable workers are also provided a predominantly vegetarian diet.[5]

Tears of the Kingdom

In order to use the Stable Association's membership system, Link has to register for it,[6] by signing up with his name.[7] Once a member he can board horses and summon them from every stable which is part of the network.[8] If he catches a wild Horse, he can register it by riding to a stable.[9] There's a limit to how many horses can be boarded, but they can be swapped in and out as needed.[10] Registering a horse costs 20 Rupees, but the first one is for free.[11] In order to register a horse Link has to give it a name and confirm the choice.[12] Afterwards he can choose if he wants to board it or take it with him.[13]

Link can customize registered horses at stables with saddles or bridles if he has such.[14]
Boarding a horse is done by telling the stable manager. The Stable Association also uses Pony Points.[15]


  • If Link tries to register Epona in Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom, the Stable proprietor will refuse to change her name.[16] He is also unable to change her Bridle or Saddle.[17]
  • Horses registered in Breath of the Wild can be transferred to Tears of the Kingdom through save data.[18]


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