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Ami is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3][4]


Breath of the Wild

Ami is a child who lives at the Wetland Stable on the edge of the Lanayru Wetlands. His brother Izra will direct Link to him for directions, stating it is great to have a little brother who pulls his weight.[1] During the day, Ami can be found watching Yolero practice with his Master Torch by the Cooking Pot. If it rains, Ami will seek shelter in the Stable. At night, he sleeps in one of the Beds inside.[5]

The first time Link speaks to Ami, he will sigh.[6] When asked what is wrong, Ami explains that while his older brothers get to play all day long, he is forced to stay by the Wetland Stable and give directions.[2] Link inquires further, at which point Ami reveals that the Stable Association requires each Stable to have an individual ready to give directions to visitors.[7] Since Ami is the only resident of Wetland Stable with a grasp on geography, this job has fallen to him.[8]

On subsequent visits, Ami proclaims that his life is a joke, before he asks Link what he wants to know about the surrounding area.[9] When asked what is to the east, Ami will explain that Zora's Domain is about the only thing in that direction.[10] If Link asks about the west, Ami mocks Link and explains Hyrule Castle is that way.[11] He also shares that he has heard about a hidden escape route from the Castle called the East Passage, which was supposedly made for the Royal Family of Hyrule.[12] To the north, he explains that there is Death Mountain and other things.[13]

When Link tries to leave, Ami will ask if he wants to know what is to the south.[14] If Link denies him, Ami says that he will see him around.[15] If Link agrees, Ami reveals that he wishes he knew but he has never been able to leave Wetland Stable.[16] He tells Link to ask around at Riverside Stable if he wants to know.[16]

Tears of the Kingdom


Ami is a Hebrew name meaning "trustworthy" and "reliable," and it was used by a servant of Solomon in the Hebrew Bible.[17] Another variation of the name translates to "my people" or "my nation."[18]

Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ami (BotW)
  • アミヴィ (Amivi) (BotW)
  • アミヴィ (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
阿彌比 (Āmíbǐ) (BotW | TotK)
The People's Republic of China
阿弥比 (Āmíbǐ) (BotW | TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ami (BotW)
Triere (BotW | TotK)
The French Republic
Triere (BotW | TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
Amivi (BotW | TotK)
The Italian Republic
Amivi (BotW | TotK)
The Republic of Korea
아미브 (TotK)
Latin America
Imiba (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
Imiba (BotW | TotK)
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