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Banji is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Banji is a resident and worker of the Tabantha Bridge Stable, where they will greet travelers as they come by.[3] During the day, they do several chores for the stable with Ena, such as tending to the White Goats, cataloging the cargo, and caring for the horses.[4][5][6] They also believe the White Goats at the stable are the cutest in Hyrule Kingdom.[4] At night, they watch the children at the stable sleep, as it makes them happy.[7]

When it rains, Banji will run inside and comment that it is raining nonstop.[8]

Banji offers directions to travelers who pass through the stable.[9] If asked about the east, Banji speaks about Ludfo's Bog. If Link has not yet completed the trials on Thundra Plateau, they will explain that it is an area with constant thunderstorms.[10] They consider the storm clouds to be a sign from Hylia to stay away.[11] If Link has completed the trials, they will tell him that the thunderstorms recently disappeared after many years.[1] They believe the disappearance of the storm to be the doing of Hylia.[12] Banji tells Link that they are thinking of taking the horses from the stable on a trip to the bog soon, since the storms have cleared.[13]

When asked about the south, they tell Link about the Tamio River and Satori Mountain, claiming there is a legend about a "lord" over all living things as well as a god who watches over the Stables, which their aunt told them stories about.[14]

For the west, they tell Link that beyond the Tabantha Great Bridge lies Rito Village,[15] and also warns him about the Divine Beast Vah Medoh which recently appeared above Rito Village.[16]

Finally, when they are prompted about the north, Banji tells Link of Konba, a man north of the Stable who loves to race.[17] They ask Link to visit him, since he must be bored on his own.[18]


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バンジーデ (Banjīde)
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