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Embry is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3]


Breath of the Wild

Embry is a Hylian and the owner of the Outskirt Stable in Hyrule Field.[4] He can be found at the front of Outskirt Stable.

If Outskirt Stable is the first Stable Link has visited, Embry will welcome him and introduce him to the Stable.[4] Since he does not recognize Link, he asks if he knows how the Stable system works.[5] If Link says he does not, Embry explains that he can board Horses and summon them to any Stable.[6] He also tells Link that he can tame a wild Horse and register it to make it his companion.[7] While each person is limited to five Horses, they can be swapped in and out.[8]

Embry then asks Link if he knows how to catch a wild Horse.[9] If Link does not, Embry instructs him to sneak behind a wild Horse and hop on.[10] When the Horse starts panicking, Embry suggests that Link soothe it.[11] Once it has settled down, Link will be able to bring it to Embry to register it.[12] Any wild Horse that Link catches will take time to get used to being ridden, so Embry tells Link to gently redirect and calm his Horses when they veer off course.[13] As Link continues interacting with is Horses in this way, his Horses will trust him and become more obedient.[14]

When spoken to at the front of the Outskirt Stable, Embry will welcome Link and ask if he wants to register or take out a Horse.[15] When Link takes a Horse out, Embry thanks him for choosing their Stable.[16]

If Link tries to register a Horse without one present, Embry will call him a comedian, saying to "quit horsing around" and to find a Horse.[17] When Link approaches the Stable with a wild Horse, Embry asks if he wants to register it or rest for a while.[18] He explains that Outskirt Stable charges a registration fee of 20 Rupees.[19] Once the Horse has been registered, Embry asks if Link wants to board it or take it with him.[20]

When attempting to register a Deer or Bear, Embry will scold Link and say they only register Horses.[21] Embry insists that Stalhorses are monsters, and he will not board it in fear of it eating the other Horses.[22] If Link tries to register the Lord of the Mountain, Embry refuses, believing they will all by cursed if he does so.[23]

When Link registers Epona, Embry starts to ask him to enter a name for his new Horse.[24] However, he recognizes Epona as a Horse of legend,[25] and he states that there is probably a law against renaming her.[26] He forces Link to name her Epona.[27]

Embry gives Link several tips for taking care of Horses, such as instructions on how to tame a wild Horse.[28] He informs Link that Horses instinctively follow the road, which is great for viewing the scenery.[29] He also tells Link that if he is separated from his Horse, whistling will cause it to come running, but it will not be able to hear him if he is too far away.[30] In addition, Embry gives instructions as to how to navigate a Horse that is scared of its surroundings and refusing to move.[31]

Inside Outskirt Stable, Embry once again welcomes Link and asks if he will be staying with them.[32] He offers regular Beds for 20 Rupees and a soft Bed for 40 Rupees.[33] When asked, he explains that the soft Bed a special bed offered by Outskirt Stable, and anyone who uses it will wake up feeling more energized.[34]

Before Link rests, Embry tells him to sleep well.[35][36] When Link wakes up, Embry wishes him a good morning, day, or evening and hopes he enjoyed his stay.[37][38][39]

Tears of the Kingdom


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