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Horse Gear are Items that can be equipped on Horses in Breath of the Wild.[1] Horse Gear consists of a Bridle and a Saddle, and can provide various effects.

Location and Uses

With the exception of the Stable Bridle and Stable Saddle and certain sets, all pieces of Horse Gear are Key Items and can be found under this screen in the Inventory.

Link can equip Horse Gear to a Horse at a Stable by bringing it to the character feeding Horses by the side of the Stable and talking with them.[2][3] Link must have a maximum bond with his Horse for the character to change the Horse's equipment.[4] If Link does not have a sufficient bond with his Horse, the worker will refuse.[5] Epona and the Giant Horse are the only Horses to which Horse Gear cannot be equipped.[6][7] Not all Stables have a character who can change equipment; Horse Gear can be changed at the following Stables:

Stable Character
Highland Stable Phanna
Outskirt Stable Canni
South Akkala Stable Tenne
Woodland Stable Breen

Horse Gear can be gained through many different means. Some Horse Gear are rewarded as a prize for winning a Mini-Game, such as the Knight's Gear the Horseback Archery Mini-Game at the Mounted Archery Camp. Monster Horse Gear can be bought from Kilton, while the Ancient Horse Gear are found through the "EX Ancient Horse Rumors" Side Quest, which is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

With the exception of the Ancient Bridle and Ancient Saddle, all Horse Gear is purely cosmetic and does not provide any effects.

List of Horse Gear



Main article: Bridle
Equipment Effect Description
BotW Ancient Bridle Icon.png
Ancient Bridle (TCB)
Increases number of spurs by two A mysterious bridle made with forgotten ancient technology. Equipping a horse with this will maximize their abilities, increasing the number of spurs associated with them.
BotW Extravagant Bridle Icon.png
Extravagant Bridle
Most often used in festivals, this gem of a bridle is decorated with some charming little feathers. It's great for adding just a splash of color to any horse.
BotW Knight's Bridle Icon.png
Knight's Bridle
Hyrulean knights once outfitted their horses with this bridle. It boasts additional armor to protect the horse's head and neck.
BotW Monster Bridle Icon.png
Monster Bridle
This bridle was handmade by Kilton, but it looks like he may have hand some monstrous horse in mind when he made it. It includes a mask that conceals the horse's head.
BotW Royal Bridle Icon.png
Royal Bridle
This bridle is well known for being a favorite of the Hyrulean royal family. Its gold ornamentations leave an impression, but its true value lies in its solid craftsmanship.
BotW Stable Bridle Icon.png
Stable Bridle
BotW Traveler's Bridle Icon.png
Traveler's Bridle Triforce piece.png
A standard bridle. The design doesn't really stand out, which is why it's well suited to any type of horse. A favorite among peddlers and travelers alike.


Main article: Saddle
Armor Effect Description
BotW Ancient Saddle Icon.png
Ancient Saddle (TCB)
Enables horse teleportation when whistling A mysterious saddle made with forgotten ancient technology. Equip a horse with this and use D-Pad Down Icon to call them even when they are far away.
BotW Extravagant Saddle Icon.png
Extravagant Saddle
This ornamental saddle is used in festivals. The delicate embroidery and arrangement of gems leaves a lasting impression. It's perfect for those who want to stand out.
BotW Knight's Saddle Icon.png
Knight's Saddle
Hyrulean knights favored this saddle. Only the most elite among them were allowed to outfit their mounts with it.
BotW Monster Saddle Icon.png
Monster Saddle
Kilton hand made this saddle. Apparently he had some sort of monstrous horse in mind as he worked on it. It looks strange but is certainly usable.
BotW Royal Saddle Icon.png
Royal Saddle
The shimmering emblem design of this saddle signifies its origins with the Hyrulean royal family. They say Princess Zelda herself once used this saddle for her own beloved horse.
BotW Stable Saddle Icon.png
Stable Saddle
BotW Traveler's Saddle Icon.png
Traveler's Saddle Triforce piece.png
A standard saddle designed for comfort during long journeys. Its durable material holds strong in all sorts of weather, which has made it a favorite among travelers.


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