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The Ancient Bridle is an Item in Breath of the Wild.[1] It is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

Location and Uses

The Ancient Bridle is a Bridle that is a piece of Ancient Horse Gear.[2] When the DLC is active, Link will receive the Side Quest "EX Ancient Horse Rumors", which will require him to read the Super Rumor Mill V3, which has information about this Bridle and the Ancient Saddle.[3] According to the Book, the Bridle can be found south of Hyrule Ridge, beneath a Cherry-Blossom Tree on a mountain where creatures gather.[4] After reading this, Link can find the Ancient Bridle under the Cherry-Blossom Tree on top of Satori Mountain.

The Ancient Bridle can be equipped at either Highland Stable, Outskirt Stable, South Akkala Stable, or Woodland Stable.[5] It is made of forgotten Ancient Technology.[1] When worn by a Horse, they Ancient Bridle maximize the Horse's abilities, increasing their number of spurs by two.[1] As with other Bridles, workers will refuse to equip the Ancient Bridle onto Epona or the Giant Horse.[6][7]


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The People's Republic of China
古代缰绳 (Gǔdài jiāngshéng) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Geavanceerd hoofdstel[8]Advanced Bridle
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