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For the Item also known as Flute in A Link to the Past, see Ocarina.

Flutes,(TLoZ | TAoL | ALBW | TotK | TWoG | ZA)[1][2][name references needed] also known as Whistles,(TAoL | ALttP)[1][3] Recorders,(TLoZ | HW)[1][4] and Magic Whistles,(TLoZ (Valiant Comics))[5] are recurring items and objects in The Legend of Zelda series. It goes unnamed in Link's Awakening and The Legend of Zelda TV series.

Location and Uses

The Legend of Zelda

The Recorder is a magical item that is hidden in the depths of Level 5 in the First Quest,[6] and earlier in Level 2 in the Second Quest.[7] As with most items in the game, it is hidden in a basement room.

The music of this item causes various effects. First, it allows Link to Warp to any Underworld dungeon he has cleared;[8] if he is facing north or west, he warps to the next dungeon; if he is facing south or east, he warps to the dungeon before the one he is at.[citation needed] The Recorder must also be used to dry up a body of water revealing the entrance to Level 7;[9] in the Second Quest, it can unveil hidden caves, as well as the entrance to Level 6. Lastly, Digdogger is split into three smaller versions at the sound of the Recorder.[10]

The Adventure of Link

The Whistle is obtained in the Palace on the Sea in The Adventure of Link. It allows Link to pass by what the villagers in Nabooru Town call the River Devil. Once the Flute is played, the River Devil disappears. Later, the Whistle is used to make the Three-Eye Rock Palace appear when played in the middle of Three-Eye Rock.[11]

A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, Whistles are one of the many Instruments played by Hyruleans.[3] Link can dig up the Flute Boy's Flute by using the Shovel on a flower patch in the Haunted Grove. After releasing the Flute Boy's pet bird, Link can play the Flute in the Light World's overworld and summon the bird, who can fly Link to any one of eight locations.

Link's Awakening

The mini-boss of the Eagle's Tower, the Grim Creeper, uses a Whistle to call six Big Keese to aid him.

A Link Between Worlds

The Flute Boy carries and plays a Flute inside the Milk Bar in A Link Between Worlds.

Tears of the Kingdom

Pyper, a musician with the Stable Heroes, plays the Flute.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Zelda TV Series

The Whistle in the animated series

The Whistle makes an appearance in the "Sing for the Unicorn" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series. It serves the same purpose as the Recorder in The Legend of Zelda and even makes the same tune when played. Link finds it after he defeats a pair of Lynels.[12] Once Princess Zelda zaps Ganon back into the Evil Jar, Link blows into the Whistle to make a tornado appear that will take Zelda, Sing, her Unicorn, King Harkinian and him Warp out of the Underworld.[13]

The Legend of Zelda (Valiant Comics)

The Magic Whistle appears in The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics. As Zelda is getting ready to go inside Level 1 to practice fighting in Ganon's Underworld,[14] Link reminds her that if she needs help at one point, she can just blow the Magic Whistle and he will be there to assist her.[5] However, just as Zelda is telling herself that she will not call for Link's help at the first sign of danger, a Gohma appears behind her.[15] a Gohma and Patra appear to attack her, and the princess, surprised that such enemies have appeared in an early level, admits to herself that the current situation is too tough for her. She decides to call Link by blowing the Magic Whistle,[16] but when Link does not appear, Zelda realizes that something must have happened and sets out to save the young hero.

The Wand of Gamelon

The Flute is an item that can be played to stop flying enemies for about eight seconds in The Wand of Gamelon. It costs 5 Rubies per use. It is received from the Hungry Girl in Kobitan after Zelda gives her an Arpagos Egg.

Zelda's Adventure

The Flute is given to Zelda by Yvonne in Great Wimbich in Zelda's Adventure. The Flute's sole use is to be played to a Snake outside of town, which will cause it to combust in flames and leave behind the Pyros Spell.

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, the Recorder appears as an Item Card in the Adventure Map and Master Quest Map of Adventure Mode. When used on the correct square, the Recorder will reveal a hidden staircase, revealing hidden enemies on the Map square, allowing Warriors to start the Battle on that Map square. The 8-Bit Recorder, Zelda's Lv.★ Baton, is also modeled after the Recorder.



Names in Other Regions
  • Flute
  • Flute
The People's Republic of China
  • 竖笛 (Shù dí) (TLoZ | TAoL)[24]
  • 笛子 (Dízǐ) (TLoZ)[25]
  • Recorder
  • Flute
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Fluitje (TLoZ)[23]Flute
The French Republic
Sifflet (TLoZ)[23]Whistle
The Federal Republic of Germany
Flöte (HWDE)[22]Flute
The Italian Republic
Flauto (TLoZ | TAoL)[17][18]Flute
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